Brace, William

Birth Name Brace, William
Gender male
Age at Death (about 14 years)


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1860 Quidi Vidi, St John's, Newfoundland  
Death 1846 Quidi Vidi, St John's, Newfoundland  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Brace, Thomas
Mother , Margery
    Sister     Brace, Mary
    Brother     Brace, Philip
    Sister     Brace, Hannah
    Sister     Brace, Sarah
    Brother     Brace, Thomas
    Brother     Brace, George
    Sister     Brace, Jane
         Brace, William
    Brother     Brace, Richard


Never married

George Brace said: William, a stout bodied powerful man, but martered in his lower limbs with rheumatism from five years old was never married, he was a sincerely pious man all his life, "An Israelite indeed in whom there was no guile, a favorite with all who knew him."


  1. Brace, Thomas
    1. , Margery
      1. Brace, Mary
      2. Brace, Philip
      3. Brace, Hannah
      4. Brace, Sarah
      5. Brace, Thomas
      6. Brace, George
      7. Brace, Jane
      8. Brace, Richard
      9. Brace, William