McKendrick, Neil

Birth Name McKendrick, Neil
Gender male
Age at Death about 73 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1801 Prince Edward Island, Canada  
Death 1874 Kent, New Brunswick  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McKendrick, Malcolm John
Mother McKay, Nancy
    Brother     McKendrick, Donald
         McKendrick, Neil
    Sister     McKendrick, Margaret Peggy
    Brother     McKendrick, Malcolm
Father McKendrick, Malcolm John
Stepmother McLean, Catherine
    Half-brother     McKendrick, Duncan
    Half-brother     McKendrick, John
    Half-brother     McKendrick, Lauchlin Jr
    Half-brother     McKendrick, Hugh
    Half-brother     McKendrick, Allan
    Half-brother     McKendrick, William
    Half-sister     McKendrick, Flora
    Half-brother     McKendrick, Charles
    Half-brother     McKendrick, Norman


Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 36 Number 394

Date November 23 1874
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Telegraph
d. Bass River (Kent Co.) 16th inst., Margaret Henneberry McKENDRICK w/o Neil McKENDRICK, age 59. (cross reference: Margaret HENNEBERRY)

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 9 Number 8

Date August 18 1840
County Northumberland
Place Chatham
Newspaper The Gleaner and Northumberland Schediasma

m. Bass River (Kent Co.) 10th inst., by Rev. James Hannay, William CAMPBELL / Miss Mary CAMPBELL; Neil McKENDRICK / Miss Margaret HENNEBERRY, all of Weldford parish.


  1. McKendrick, Malcolm John
    1. McKay, Nancy
      1. McKendrick, Donald
      2. McKendrick, Neil
      3. McKendrick, Margaret Peggy
      4. McKendrick, Malcolm