Wickett, Richard Herbert

Birth Name Wickett, Richard Herbert
Gender male
Age at Death 54 years, 4 months, 28 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth April 5, 1878 Granville, Lot 21, Prince Edward Island Margate charge church records; April 5 1878 on death record
Death September 3, 1932 Fredericton, New Brunswick  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Wickett, Henry
Mother Dyment, Mary Ann
    Brother     Wickett, Humphrey Dymont
    Brother     Wickett, William Henry
    Brother     Wickett, Lewis Albert
    Sister     Wickett, Serena Alice Ashton
    Sister     Wickett, Eleanor Josephine
    Brother     Wickett, Thomas Adams
    Brother     Wickett, Penrose Havelock
    Sister     Wickett, Sarah Ann Annie
    Sister     Wickett, Sophia Jane Jennie
    Brother     Wickett, Alfred Edward
    Sister     Wickett, Fannie Lavinia
         Wickett, Richard Herbert
Stepfather Grady, James
Mother Dyment, Mary Ann


    Family of Wickett, Richard Herbert and Overlock, Esther Jennie
Married Wife Overlock, Esther Jennie
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1900 Maine, United States at the home of Alfred Wickett, Old Town
  1. Wickett, Donald Richard


Richard Herbert Wickett, b. 5 Apr 1878, Granville, PEI, Canada; d. 3 Sep 1932, Fredericton, York Co., NB, Canada. He married Esther Jennie Overlock, daughter of Reuban and Jennie (Cothran) Overlook. They had one son, Donald Richard. His occupation was canoe builder.

Child of Richard Wickett and Esther Overlock is:

i. Donald Richard Wickett, b. 29 Jul 1920, Maine; d. 22 Sep 1994, Probably Fredericton, York Co. NB, Canada; Donald was a radio news editor. He married Grace Werdlow Aiton in New Brunswick in 1946.


  1. Wickett, Henry
    1. Dyment, Mary Ann
      1. Wickett, Humphrey Dymont
      2. Wickett, William Henry
      3. Wickett, Lewis Albert
      4. Wickett, Serena Alice Ashton
      5. Wickett, Eleanor Josephine
      6. Wickett, Thomas Adams
      7. Wickett, Penrose Havelock
      8. Wickett, Sarah Ann Annie
      9. Wickett, Sophia Jane Jennie
      10. Wickett, Alfred Edward
      11. Wickett, Fannie Lavinia
      12. Wickett, Richard Herbert
        1. Overlock, Esther Jennie
          1. Wickett, Donald Richard