McDougall, Eleanor Ann 1

Birth Name McDougall, Eleanor Ann
Gender female
Age at Death 87 years, 5 months, 25 days


At St. James Church, Port Hill, by Rev. H.B. Swabey, A.B., on the 19th inst., Mr. William Newcombe, to Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr. Peter McDouglad, Canada [Rd], Lot 13. The Islander March 6 1868

In the 1881 census, in Lot 13:
William Newebrule 47, Elenor Ann Newebrule 33
Sarah J. Newebrule 12, William H. Newebrule 11, Mary Ann Newebrule 10 John Alex Newebrule 9, George S. Newebrule 7
Louisa Ann Newebrule 5, Peter Louis Newebrule 3
Elisa Bell Newebrule 1

In the 1891 census:
William Newermbe 57, Elmor A Newermbe 43, William H Newermbe 21, Mary A Newermbe 20, John A Newermbe 19
George S Newermbe 17, Lousia B Neweomb 15, Peater L Neweomb 13, Ida B Neweomb 11
Richard E Neweomb 8, Agnis Neweomb 6, Arthur R Neweomb 4, James Neweomb 2/12

In the 1901 census:
Wm Newcombe 65, Elennor Newcombe 51, John Newcombe 29, Swaluy Newcombe 26
Louis Newcombe 22, Ernest Newcombe 18, Elizo A Newcombe 16
Arthur R Newcombe 14, Charles B. Newcombe 9, Edna G Newcombe 7

Obituary from PEI Ancestry: She leaves to mourn four daughters and six sons, namely: Mrs. Annie Ellis, at home; Mrs. Major Milligan, Portage [Ida Belle] ; Mrs. W. J. Hutchinson, Lot 17; Gertrude at home; William, Wellesley Hills; John at home; Lewis, Wollaston, Mass.; Ernest and Arthur, Northam; and Charles, Tyne Valley.

Name Mrs. Eleanor Newcomb
Age 87
Residence Northam
Date of Death 11 June 1935
Entry Number 284
Source RG19/s2/ss6: Death registration books, 1935



There to Here, a history of Northam, by Roy Newcombe:

William Newcombe and family emigrated from Devonshire, England settled in Royalty where he worked in a furniture factory moving to Port Hill at a later date. It is believed that he claimed the property (free lease) on one of his trips to the Island, as he was a shipwright and made trips on a regular basis. The property was passed-on to son William Newcombe (1835) who married Eleanor MacDougall (1848), daughter of Peter and Eliza (Ellis) MacDougall of Tyne Valley, in 1868. They had 13 children:
-Sarah Josephine (1868) married Alex Ramsay of Northam, moved to the New Hampshire area and had five children: Earle, Minnie, Harold, Eleanor and Dorothy.
-William (1870) married Bertha (Roberta) Taylor of Freetown and lived in the Boston area. They had one son, Leslie.
-Mary Ann Penrose (1871) married William Ramsay (1871) of Northam.
-John (Jack) Alexander (1872) married Barbara Williams (1877)
-George Swabey (1874) did not marry, not named in 1935 obit.
-Louisa Ann (1876) married Archibald MacAusland of Tyne Valley and had five children: Ernest, Olive, Agnes, Major and Roberta. After Archibald's death, Louisa moved to the Boston area and re-married, this time to George Ellis.
-Peter Lewis (1878) married Rosella Williams, daughter of Robert and Lavina Williams of Poplar Grove, moved to the Boston area, and had four children: Eleanor, Kenneth, Marion and Edna.
-Ida Belle (1880) married Major Milligan (1878), (refer to Edgar Milligan)
-Richard Ernest (1882) married Ethel Gardiner (1892) moved to Birch Hill and had four children: Gardiner, Elton, William and Gwenythe.
-Eliza Agnes (1884) married William James Hutchinson (1860) of Lot 16 and had two
daughters: Lillian and Ruth.
-Arthur Roy (1887) married Marie Pauptit, (refer to Roy and Muriel Newcombe)
-Charles Bayfield (1892) married Emily Maynard (1895) of Northam moved to Tyne Valley and had three children: Muriel, Horace and Delores.
-Edna Gertrude (1894) did not marry.






Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth December 17, 1847 Lot 12, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Death June 11, 1935 Northam, Lot 13, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada obit & gravestone  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McDougall, PeterFebruary 7, 1824April 3, 1911
Mother Ellis, ElizabethDecember 8, 1829March 31, 1878
         McDougall, Eleanor Ann December 17, 1847 June 11, 1935
    Brother     McDougall, Alexander William April 25, 1849 before 1893
    Brother     McDougall, George Ellis August 25, 1850 1853
    Sister     McDougall, Hannah Penrose April 1853 1927
    Brother     McDougall, George Swabey January 20, 1854 before 1940
    Brother     McDougall, John Cranmore 1857 before 1940
    Sister     McDougall, Zena Annie December 22, 1857 November 2, 1940
    Sister     McDougall, Isabella Saunders May 14, 1863 before 1940
    Sister     McDougall, Louisa Ann Annie June 30, 1863 April 13, 1942
    Sister     McDougall, Agness Eliza March 14, 1865 March 13, 1951
    Brother     McDougall, Robert Henry November 25, 1866 after 1940
    Sister     McDougall, Maria Laura September 14, 1868 1950
    Brother     McDougall, Peter Louis October 18, 1870 before 1940
    Brother     McDougall, Neil Russell April 9, 1874 September 21, 1962
    Sister     McDougall, Ida Maud July 31, 1876 June 15, 1966


Family of Newcombe, William and McDougall, Eleanor Ann

Married Husband Newcombe, William ( * September 20, 1835 + February 19, 1917 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage February 19, 1868 Port Hill, Lot 13, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada notice dated March 9 1868, says on the 19th inst.  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Newcombe, Sarah JosephineDecember 1, 1868March 30, 1934
Newcombe, William HenryNovember 26, 1869May 25, 1942
Newcombe, Penrose Mary AnnFebruary 13, 18711920
Newcombe, John AlexanderFebruary 13, 1871June 14, 1943
Newcombe, George SwabeyApril 12, 18741933
Newcombe, Louisa Ann AnnieFebruary 2, 18761937
Newcombe, Peter Louis LewisMarch 2, 18781955
Newcombe, Ida BelleMarch 2, 1880April 2, 1969
Newcombe, Richard ErnestMarch 10, 1882February 8, 1938
Newcombe, Eliza AgnesAugust 1, 1884February 14, 1952
Newcombe, Arthur RoyMay 10, 1887February 1968
Newcombe, Charles BayfieldApril 17, 1892June 12, 1954
Newcombe, Gertrude EdnaJanuary 13, 1894March 8, 1976