Brown Burns, Thomas A.

Birth Name Brown Burns, Thomas A.
Gender male
Age at Death 77 years, 3 months


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1840 Prince Edward Island, Canada dates from gravestone; 15 june 1835 in 1901 census
Death April 1917 Prince Edward Island, Canada St Luke's Anglican Church


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Brown, Thomas
Mother , Flora
         Brown Burns, Thomas A.
    Sister     Brown, Mary
    Brother     Brown, Charles B.
    Sister     Brown, Catherine


    Family of Brown Burns, Thomas A. and Ellis, Hannah Penrose
Married Wife Ellis, Hannah Penrose
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage May 5, 1864 Port Hill, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island Church of England records
  1. Brown, Harriet Hattie Elizabeth
  2. Brown, George Charles
  3. Brown, James Ellis
  4. Brown, Josephine Euphemia
  5. Brown, William Henry
  6. Brown, Thomas Birch
  7. Brown, Maude Marion Mary
  8. Brown, Sarah Georgina Georgianna


Thomas A. Burns married Hannah Ellis from Lot 12, in 1864. They had a son George Charles baptized on June 11 1869 in the Church of England, under the name Burns. He could be the Thomas Burns who sold 53 acres of land to James Yeo in 1870.

Thomas, Hannah, George (age 12), James, Josephine, William, Maud, Thomas and Georgiana were in Lot 6 in the 1881 census. Thomas was 40, or born on the Island about 1841. A close neighbour in the census was Nathaniel Morrill: on the Meacham's Atlas for 1880, the farm next to Morrill's was under the name Thomas A. Brown.

Thomas (age 58, born 1833) and Hannah were in the same place in 1891, in Lot 6 near O'Leary, with Hattie, George, James, William, Thomas, Maud and Georgianna. Thomas was working as a ship carpenter, and the boys were farming.

Sarah Georgianna, daughter of Thomas from O'Leary and born in 1879, was baptized in 1899 under the name Brown in the Church of England.

On the 1891 census, Thomas said his father was born on the Island and his mother in Scotland. When Mary Brown Sippel from PEI, who had a brother Thomas A on the Island, died in Ilinois, she said her father Thomas was born on the Island and her mother Flora in Scotland.

It was sometime after the 1891 census that the family changed its name. Thomas and Hannah were under Brown for the 1901 and 1911 census records.

The gravestone for Thomas and Hannah and their son Charles was under Brown.

Thomas left 5 acres of his farm, his cows, hens and household furniture to Louise Ellis of O'Leary Station. The money in his bank accounts with the Bank of N.S. in Summerside and O'leary he left to his daughter Maude Brown who was his executrix. The residue of the estate to be shared equally among the members of his family (Unnamed) The will was done on 23 Sep 1916 and Witnesses by A.J. Matheson and G.M. Matthews.

Who was the Mr T. Burns Lot 7 who married Christy Ann Tix in 1859?




Brown or Burns?

Preserving the Past, the history of Cascumpec, says:

"Thomas Burns, a young Scottish sailor, served on a Man O'War during a time when it was much easier to sign for service than it was to be released. According to family tradition, the ship was sailing in the Gulf of St. Lawrence near the east coast of PEI when Thomas Burns decided to escape from a life which did not appeal to him. After a daring swim, he came ashore near Souris. He did not wish to return to the ship, so to conceal his identity he changed his name to Thomas Brown. He worked his way west to O'Leary where he met and married Hanna Ellis of that place."

This does confirm that the family changed its name, but the records do not support this story.

It is possible that the sailor was Thomas' father, who was also Thomas.



  1. Brown, Thomas
    1. , Flora
      1. Brown, Charles B.
      2. Brown Burns, Thomas A.
        1. Ellis, Hannah Penrose
          1. Brown, Harriet Hattie Elizabeth
          2. Brown, George Charles
          3. Brown, James Ellis
          4. Brown, Josephine Euphemia
          5. Brown, William Henry
          6. Brown, Maude Marion Mary
          7. Brown, Thomas Birch
          8. Brown, Sarah Georgina Georgianna
      3. Brown, Mary
      4. Brown, Catherine