Bryant, Adeline

Birth Name Bryant, Adeline
Gender female
Age at Death 72 years, 4 months, 9 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth May 10, 1863 Prince Edward Island, Canada 1871 NB census gave 1865; date from death record
Death September 19, 1935 New Glasgow, Nova Scotia  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bryant, William
Mother McArthur, Eliza Betsey
    Brother     Bryant, William
    Sister     Bryant, Mary Ann
    Sister     Bryant, Maria
    Brother     Bryant, Jabez Mills
    Brother     Bryant, Lewis Mills
         Bryant, Adeline


married Louis Gaddis or Geddis

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 61 Number 2269

Date September 20 1884
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Telegraph
m. 18th inst., by Rev. H. Holloway, Louis GADDIS / Adeline BRYANT, both of Coalbrookdale, Weldford (Kent Co.)


  1. Bryant, William
    1. McArthur, Eliza Betsey
      1. Bryant, William
      2. Bryant, Mary Ann
      3. Bryant, Maria
      4. Bryant, Jabez Mills
      5. Bryant, Lewis Mills
      6. Bryant, Adeline