McFadyen, Neil

Birth Name McFadyen, Neil
Gender male
Age at Death 44 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1814    
Death 1858 West River, Queens, Prince Edward Island  
Death about 1858 Prince Edward Island, Canada  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McFadyen, John
    Brother     McFadyen, Angus 1
    Brother     McFadyen, Hector
         McFadyen, Neil
    Brother     McFadyen, John


    Family of McFadyen, Neil and McLean, Catherine
Married Wife McLean, Catherine
  1. McFadyen, Sarah
  2. McFadyen, John W. - Lot 65
  3. McFadyen, Neil W.


Although Angus McFadyen named a son Neil in his will, this Neil McFadyen, born in 1814, is not a good fit. He could be Angus' younger brother, or a nephew.

Donald McFadyen and John Livingston were witnesses at the marriage of Neil and Catherine McLean in 1856.

He is probably the Neil who died in West River in 1858 at age 44 leaving a wife and three children.

The Islander – Oct 29, 1858
At the West River, on Monday, the 4th inst., of cancer, Mr. Neil McFadyen, aged 44 years. The deceased has left a wife and three children, and was much esteemed by all his relatives and friends. His end was peace.

The Islander – Nov 5, 1858
Died. At the West River, on Monday the 4th instant, of cancer, Mr. Neil McFadyen, aged 41 years.


Will of Neil McFadyen, Lot 65, dated 1858, proved 1860, mentions two brothers, John and Hector, and a son John. Peter McFadyen was a witness.


Type Value Notes Sources
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  1. McFadyen, John
    1. McFadyen, John
    2. McFadyen, Angus 1
    3. McFadyen, Hector
    4. McFadyen, Neil
      1. McLean, Catherine
        1. McFadyen, Sarah
        2. McFadyen, John W. - Lot 65
        3. McFadyen, Neil W.