McNeill, Frederick

Birth Name McNeill, Frederick
Gender male
Age at Death 72 years, 3 months, 11 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth September 21, 1876 Tyne Valley, Prince Edward Island date from 1901 census, age 24
Baptism July 25, 1890 Lot 16, Prince Edward Island  
Death 1949 Mattawamkeag, Penobscot, Maine  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McNeill, John
Mother McLean, Euphemia
    Brother     McNeill, John Alexander
    Brother     McNeill, Roderick James
    Brother     McNeill, William Richard
    Sister     McNeill, Sarah Alice
    Sister     McNeill, Matilda Jane Janie
    Brother     McNeill, Herbert Charles
         McNeill, Frederick
    Sister     McNeill, Rose Emma
    Sister     McNeill, Ada Edith
Father McNeill, John
Stepmother Key, Damaris


    Family of McNeill, Frederick and Whitely, Clara
Married Wife Whitely, Clara
  1. McNeill, Alice Enid


Minister, in Maine

Frederick Mc Niell 52
Clara E Mc Niell 35
Winnifred Mc Niell 16
Alice E Mc Niell 15
Henry F Mc Niell 10
Melba J Mc Niell 7
Norma E Mc Niell 5
Roderick C Mc Niell 2
[2 7/12]

Said to have married 2000 couples.


  1. McNeill, John
    1. McLean, Euphemia
      1. McNeill, Roderick James
      2. McNeill, John Alexander
      3. McNeill, William Richard
      4. McNeill, Matilda Jane Janie
      5. McNeill, Sarah Alice
      6. McNeill, Herbert Charles
      7. McNeill, Frederick
        1. Whitely, Clara
          1. McNeill, Alice Enid
      8. McNeill, Rose Emma
      9. McNeill, Ada Edith