Moreshead, William

Birth Name Moreshead, William
Gender male
Age at Death 71 years, 1 month, 24 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth November 7, 1830 North River, Prince Edward Island PEI Baptismal Index; 22 October 1823 in 1901 census
Death January 1, 1902 Prince Edward Island, Canada at age 79


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Moreshead, John
Mother Cummings, Catherine
         Moreshead, William
    Brother     Moreshead, John
    Sister     Moreshead, Mary
    Brother     Moreshead, George John
    Sister     Moreshead, Elizabeth
    Brother     Moreshead, Edward Robert
    Brother     Moreshead, Joseph
    Sister     Moreshead, Catherine Caroline
    Sister     Moreshead, Sophia Jane
    Brother     Moreshead, Nicholas


    Family of Moreshead, William and McLean, Margaret
Married Wife McLean, Margaret
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage January 3, 1856 Alberton, Lot 4, Prince Edward Island Alberton Presbyterian
  1. Moreshead, Catherine Jennie
  2. Moreshead, Mary Ann
  3. Moreshead, John Nelson
    Family of Moreshead, William and Williams, Sophia Jane
Married Wife Williams, Sophia Jane
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage July 13, 1863 Prince Edward Island, Canada PEI Marriage Registers
  1. Moreshead, Belle
  2. Moreshead, Thomas Edward
  3. Moreshead, Charlotte McNaught
  4. Moreshead, Alexander James



Child's Full Name William Morshead
Birth Date 7 November 1830
Place of Birth North River
Baptismal Date 8 September 1832
Officiating Clergy L.C Jenkins
Father's Name John Morshead
Mother's Name Catherine Cummins
Church Name St. Paul's
Church Location Charlottetown
Record Book Number 2
Record Book Page 64

The Islander January 1856 - On the 31st inst., by the Rev. Allan Fraser, Mr. William Morshead, of Lot 10, to Margaret McLean, of the Brea, Lot 9.

It is possible that William was the William Moreshead b. PEI working in Moncton in the 1881 census. His daughter Jane, age 24 and son James, age 10, could be the two children living with his parents.

There were two entries for William Moreshead in the 1891 census.

William, born 1831, was living in Lot 8 with his widowed mother Catherine and one son, James. Catherine, age 88, was born in Newfoundland.

William, born 1827, was living with his brother Edward in Lot 10. He gave his parents' birthplaces as England and Newfoundland.

The Islander – Aug 7, 1863
By the same on the 13th of July, at the residence of Mr. John Moreshade, senr., Lot 10, Mr. William Moreshade, of Big Settlement, Lot 9, to Mrs. Sophia Jane Cornish, of Lot 11.


  1. Moreshead, John
    1. Cummings, Catherine
      1. Moreshead, William
        1. McLean, Margaret
          1. Moreshead, Catherine Jennie
          2. Moreshead, Mary Ann
          3. Moreshead, John Nelson
        2. Williams, Sophia Jane
          1. Moreshead, Thomas Edward
          2. Moreshead, Charlotte McNaught
          3. Moreshead, Alexander James
          4. Moreshead, Belle
      2. Moreshead, John
      3. Moreshead, Mary
      4. Moreshead, Nicholas
      5. Moreshead, George John
      6. Moreshead, Elizabeth
      7. Moreshead, Edward Robert
      8. Moreshead, Joseph
      9. Moreshead, Catherine Caroline
      10. Moreshead, Sophia Jane