Champion, James Barstoe M. D.

Birth Name Champion, James Barstoe M. D.
Gender male
Age at Death 61 years, 8 months, 12 days


James B. Champion of O'Leary in Prince County, Medical Doctor
Middle name was possibly Beairsto?

Married at the home of the brlde's parents,Bedeque. Sept. 28th by the Rev. Neil McLaughlin, B. A., James B. Champion, M. D., Central Bedeque to Miss Susan O. Holland daughter of Frederick and Mrs. A. Holland. Guardian 1904

History of O'Leary - From 1918 until 1938, Dr. J.B. C h a m p i o n resided in Dr.McLaughlin's house and provided medical services to the people ofO'Leary and surrounding districts. Dr. C h a m p i o n was fromMalpeque, P.E.I., and was married to Susan Holland from Bedeque.
He was the father of three children - Helen, Fred and Harry. Harry
died at the age of ten after a tonsillectomy. Dr. Champion was in
210O'Leary at a time when travelling rural roads was difficult because ofmud in the spring and snow in the winter. Doctors of this era oftenhired local farmers to drive them in making their house calls, espe-cially in winter when most travelling was done in a pung or jauntingsleigh. It has been difficult to ascertain where Dr. Champion receivedhis medical training due to the scarcity of records on Prince EdwardIsland for the early 1900's but he probably graduated from DalhousieUniversity as many other Island-born doctors have. Dr. Championsuffered from a heart condition and died in his car on Main Street,O'Leary in 1938. He is buried in Bethel United Church Cemetery.

Name James Barstoe Champion
Age 62
Residence O'Leary
Date of Death 13 September 1937
Entry Number 92
Source RG19/s2/ss6: Death registration books, 1937

Name Dr J. B Champion
Age 62
Residence O'Leary
Date of Death 14 September 1937
Source Patriot newspaper, 31 December 1937

FOR ENGLAND-Mrs. Dr. Champion of O'Leary left on Thursday morning for Halifax, N. S., where she will sail on the SS. Westemland for London, England, to spend thc summer months with her daughter, Miss Helen Cham- pion, who is studying history at the London Uniwrslty,

Obituary in the Guardian -



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1876 Prince Edward Island, Canada age 5 in 1881  
Death September 13, 1937 O'Leary, Lot 6, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada at age 62  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Champion, James W.April 5, 1841January 25, 1921
Mother Brooks, Margaret JaneApril 22, 18401912
    Brother     Champion, John Benjamin June 18, 1868 January 18, 1948
    Sister     Champion, Melissa Ann May 18, 1870
    Brother     Champion, Josiah Brooks August 25, 1873 1954
         Champion, James Barstoe M. D. 1876 September 13, 1937
    Sister     Champion, Elmira Ellie March 29, 1884 1962


Family of Champion, James Barstoe M. D. and Holland, Susan

Married Wife Holland, Susan ( * + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage September 28, 1904 Bedeque, Lot 26, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada