Grant, Nancy

Birth Name Grant, Nancy
Gender female
Age at Death about 96 years, 6 months


Living with son Samuel in 1881 and 1891, a widow. Nancy - or the person answering for her - said she was born on the Island on both census records, and in 1891 that both of her parents were born on the Island. Ramsay family tree on the Island Register says born England.

Nancy was in Lot 13, so I have placed her with the family of John and Barbara Grant; she named one of her daughters Barbara, a less common name. There was a large gap between Barbara, born 1828 and William, born 1835 - there could be missing children who died young, or who left the Island.

Nancy was described in her son Samuel's obituary:
...his mother whose maiden name was Nancy Grant came to this place in the early days and settled in what was then almost a primitive forest and with a large family cheerfully took up the ardurous labor of building up a home and many are still living who remember when places were far apart and sparcely settled with doctors few and far between. What a blessing his mother was in the sick room, a strong king Christian woman who never thought of self, never refusing the call of the very poor and most needy ones without a thought of remuneration and in the cold of winter was known to go on foot, horse-back or on a bare sleigh only glad to be of assistance in time of need. Many are the tales that have been told of what comforst, hope and blessing she brought to the suffering. A marked contrast to the speed and easy way of transit to procure medical aid in these days.




Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1800 Prince Edward Island, Canada another source says b. England  
Death July 1896 Prince Edward Island, Canada at age 96, dates from gravestone in Tyne Valley  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Grant, Johnbefore 1846
Mother Grant, Barbaraabout 1776
         Grant, Nancy about 1800 July 1896
    Brother     Grant, Hugh 1807 May 31, 1900
    Sister     Grant, Margaret about 1809 April 1881
    Sister     Grant, Jane before 1881
    Brother     Grant, William 1815 1874
    Sister     Grant, Maria about 1821 October 14, 1883


Family of Ramsay, Donald -Lot 13 and Grant, Nancy

Married Husband Ramsay, Donald -Lot 13 ( * 1794 + December 30, 1871 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Ramsay, Mariaabout 1823August 3, 1913
Ramsay, Sarahabout 1824October 19, 1920
Ramsay, John A.about 1826September 15, 1891
Ramsay, BarbaraMay 14, 1828September 14, 1893
Ramsay, WilliamJanuary 5, 1835February 13, 1919
Ramsay, SamuelAugust 17, 1837November 25, 1918
Ramsay, Robert GordonOctober 28, 1840December 24, 1890
Ramsay, Susan AnnApril 30, 1846April 23, 1937