Pickering, Alexander

Birth Name Pickering, Alexander
Gender male
Age at Death 78 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1783    
Death 1861    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Pickering, William
Mother Anderson, Janet
         Pickering, Alexander
    Brother     Pickering, James


    Family of Pickering, Alexander and Brown, Janet
Unknown Partner Brown, Janet
  1. Pickering, Jane
  2. Pickering, Ellen
  3. Pickering, William
  4. Pickering, Margaret
  5. Pickering, Christie
  6. Pickering, Mary
  7. Pickering, Janet
  8. Pickering, Alexander
  9. Pickering, Ann
  10. Pickering, Rebecca


Alexander, eldest son of William I and Janet Anderson Pickering, like his brothers, was involved with shipbuilding and shipping. In the 1841 Census his occupation is listed as ship- wright. He married Janet Brown (1789-1863) and they had a large family. Residents of the New London Bay area, they lived in what is now known as Stanley Bridge. The New London was one vessel owned and built by Alexander Pickering. He is also listed as the owner of the Elizabeth, a seventy-four ton schooner.
ALEXANDER PICKERING (1783-1861) m. JANET M. BROWN (1789-1863) the eighth child of Lawrence and Jean (Jamieson) Brown, who emigrated from Scotland and settled in Stanhope.
Alexander and Janet had a family of ten children.
1. Jennie (Janet) (1808-1898) m. John Woodside (1806-1894) - Clinton - 7 children - farmed in Clinton
2. Jane m. William Adams - New London - 8 children
3. ELLEN (1813-1889) m. DUNCAN ROSS (1810-1897) - he had come from Tain,
Rosshire, Scotland - farmed in Stanley, East of the Bridge - 7 children (see ROSS)
4. William III m. 1 Catherine Thomson, Grenville - no children
m. 2 Betsy Kielly - daughter of John and May Brown Kielly, Covehead
They had three children; m. 3 Elizabeth Cole - New London - no children
5. Margaret m. Kenneth MacKenzie - Malpeque - 8 children
6. Annie m. 1 John Ramsay - Port Hill, m. 2 Levi Diamond - Port Hill
7. ALEXANDER II (1821-1904) m. Sarah Graham
8. Christie m. James Kielly - St. Avards - 6 children
9. Mary m. James Graham - BayView - 5 children
10. Rebecca (1830-1916) m. in 1858 to William MacArthur (1827-1920) - Victoria
West - 11 children

taken from Stanley Bridge, Hub of the Universe


  1. Pickering, William
    1. Anderson, Janet
      1. Pickering, James
      2. Pickering, Alexander
        1. Brown, Janet
          1. Pickering, Janet
          2. Pickering, Ann
          3. Pickering, Rebecca
          4. Pickering, Jane
          5. Pickering, Ellen
          6. Pickering, William
          7. Pickering, Margaret
          8. Pickering, Alexander
          9. Pickering, Christie
          10. Pickering, Mary