Ramsay, Angelina

Birth Name Ramsay, Angelina
Gender female
Age at Death 84 years, 5 months, 29 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth July 3, 1872 Spring Valley, Prince Edward Island  
Death 1957 Alberton, Lot 4, Prince Edward Island  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ramsay, Edward
Mother Wallace, Catherine
    Brother     Ramsay, Dugald
    Brother     Ramsay, George Sinclair
         Ramsay, Angelina


    Family of McBeth, Edward Charles Cummings and Ramsay, Angelina
Married Husband McBeth, Edward Charles Cummings
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage August 2, 1911 Worcester, Massachusetts  


Guardian Monday April 15, 1957
The former Miss Angelina Ramsay was born at Spring Valley eighty-four years ago. a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ramsay. As a young woman she went to the United States. where her marriage to Mr. McBeth took place In Worcester Mass.. forty- six years ago. They came to live in Alberton, Mr. McBeth's native town.


  1. Ramsay, Edward
    1. Wallace, Catherine
      1. Ramsay, Dugald
      2. Ramsay, George Sinclair
      3. Ramsay, Angelina
        1. McBeth, Edward Charles Cummings