Ramsay, John - Lot 16

Birth Name Ramsay, John - Lot 16
Gender male
Age at Death 48 years, 7 months, 3 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth September 17, 1790 Beech Point, Lot 18, Prince Edward Island of Rose Hill
Death April 20, 1839 Rose Hill, Lot 16, Prince Edward Island from his gravestone


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ramsay, Archibald - Lot 18
Mother Montgomery, Helen Nelly
    Sister     Ramsay, Mary
         Ramsay, John - Lot 16
    Sister     Ramsay, Margaret
    Brother     Ramsay, Hugh
    Brother     Ramsay, Donald - Beach Point
    Brother     Ramsay, Archibald - NB
    Sister     Ramsay, Helen Ellen
    Brother     Ramsay, Norman McLeod


    Family of Ramsay, John - Lot 16 and Owen, Martha
Married Wife Owen, Martha
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage April 12, 1815 Princetown, Prince Edward Island Master Name Index
  1. Ramsay, Sophia
  2. Ramsay, Margaret
  3. Ramsay, Anne
  4. Ramsay, Arthur
  5. Ramsay, Helen Ellen
  6. Ramsay, Elizabeth Eliza Lee
  7. Ramsay, Archibald
  8. Ramsay, Martha
  9. Ramsay, Hugh - Lot 16
  10. Ramsay, John
  11. Ramsay, Flora Campbell



John Ramsay of Lot 16 married Martha Owen of Princetown in 1815, by license.

From a summary of his will:
John Ramsay and Martha
sons Hugh and John; 3 daughters - Margaret, Helen, Flora; Arthur also mentioned
brothers Donald, Norman and Hugh who had died the year before

From The History of Belmont:
RoseHill Farm:
In 1811, their holdings were purchased by Thomas Archibald, esq., a native of Scotland, who only remained two years here, then left for Lisbon in Portugal. However, he gave it the name because of a small clearing made by the French, which sloped toward the water, and was bordered by wild roses. Thomas Archibald married the sister of Archibald Ramsay.

It was next purchased by John Ramsay, the son (4th son) of Archibald Ramsay, in 1813. He married Martha Owen in 1815. They were among the first English speaking settlers on this side of the bay, and experienced many hardships. They made, however, a comfortable home which is still standing. Mr. Ramsay represented in the Colonial Parliament from 1834-38, and at the time of his death in 1839 was High Sheriff of the County. His two youngest sons, John and Hugh, owned the farm till the 1880s. During the time the Ramsay's held , several parts of it were sold.

An indenture/quit claim related to land held by John's brother Norman was signed by the children and sons-in-law of the late John Ramsay of Rose Hill in 1860, including Arthur of Lot 16; Archibald, Hugh, John, Hugh Carr and Sophia his wife, Helen, Martha and Flora C, John Craig and his wife Elizabeth, Margaret of Lot 16; and Alexander Steward and Ann of Lot 18. The document went on to list John's brothers and sisters - Hon. Donald Ramsay of Beech Pt; Archibald Ramsay the elder of Bay de Chaleur, NB; Mary McEwen, New London; Margart McEwen, widow of the late Joseph; Robert J. Patterson and Helen.

Gravestone in Central Lot 16 United Church Cemetery
In memory of John Ramsay Esq of Rose Hill born Sept 9 1790, died April 20 1839 Also his wife Martha Owen born Nov 25 1790 died Dec 11 1869 and their son Arthur


  1. Ramsay, Archibald - Lot 18
    1. Montgomery, Helen Nelly
      1. Ramsay, Mary
      2. Ramsay, John - Lot 16
        1. Owen, Martha
          1. Ramsay, Sophia
          2. Ramsay, Margaret
          3. Ramsay, Arthur
          4. Ramsay, Helen Ellen
          5. Ramsay, Elizabeth Eliza Lee
          6. Ramsay, Anne
          7. Ramsay, Archibald
          8. Ramsay, Martha
          9. Ramsay, Hugh - Lot 16
          10. Ramsay, John
          11. Ramsay, Flora Campbell
      3. Ramsay, Margaret
      4. Ramsay, Hugh
      5. Ramsay, Donald - Beach Point
      6. Ramsay, Archibald - NB
      7. Ramsay, Helen Ellen
      8. Ramsay, Norman McLeod