Rayner Raynor, Margaret Jean

Birth Name Rayner Raynor, Margaret Jean
Gender female
Age at Death 4 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1917    
Death 1921    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Rayner Raynor, Elton Ward
Mother Dyment, Pearl Elizabeth (Lizzie Pearl)
    Sister     Rayner Raynor, Marion Pearl
         Rayner Raynor, Margaret Jean
    Sister     Rayner Raynor, Edith Alma
    Brother     Raynor, Elton Ralph
    Sister     Rayner Raynor, Kathleen Irene


RAYNOR A very snd happening took place in Mt. Herbert on Wednosd.iy_ Jilly 20th.. when the Angel of Dentii on’ tered the homo oi’ lM-r. and Mrs. Elton Raynor and took therefrom their little daughter Jenn. aged 4 yours. Prior to~a very short Illness the little onc had been in perfect. health. All tlint kind attendance and medical skill could do, how - over. was done but nothing avail- ed to keep ...(1921)


  1. Rayner Raynor, Elton Ward
    1. Dyment, Pearl Elizabeth (Lizzie Pearl)
      1. Rayner Raynor, Marion Pearl
      2. Rayner Raynor, Margaret Jean
      3. Rayner Raynor, Edith Alma
      4. Raynor, Elton Ralph
      5. Rayner Raynor, Kathleen Irene