Hargrove, Edison Morris

Birth Name Hargrove, Edison Morris
Gender male
Age at Death 48 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1900 New Brunswick, Canada  
Death 1948 New Brunswick, Canada  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hargrove, William Henry
Mother Fiddler, Louisa Albina
    Sister     Hargrove, Nettie Mildred
    Brother     Hargrove, Blois B
    Sister     Hargrove, Hessie Alma
    Sister     Hargrove, Annie Louisa
    Sister     Hargrove, Cassie Alberta
    Sister     Hargrove, Ida Augusta
         Hargrove, Edison Morris
    Brother     Hargrove, George Wesley
Father Hargrove, William Henry
Stepmother Upton, Emily E.
    Half-brother     Hargrove, Walter
    Half-brother     Hargrove, William Tweedie
    Half-brother     Hargrove, Marshall
    Half-brother     Hargrove, Ernest


    Family of Hargrove, Edison Morris and MacVicar, Greta M
Married Wife MacVicar, Greta M
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage December 27, 1921 Fredericton, New Brunswick  


  1. Hargrove, William Henry
    1. Fiddler, Louisa Albina
      1. Hargrove, Nettie Mildred
      2. Hargrove, Blois B
      3. Hargrove, Hessie Alma
      4. Hargrove, Annie Louisa
      5. Hargrove, Cassie Alberta
      6. Hargrove, Ida Augusta
      7. Hargrove, Edison Morris
        1. MacVicar, Greta M
      8. Hargrove, George Wesley