Hardy, Henry Bloomer

Birth Name Hardy, Henry Bloomer
Gender male
Age at Death 75 years, 8 months, 20 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth November 4, 1874 Alberton, Lot 4, Prince Edward Island 1881, 1891 census
Death July 24, 1950 Massachusetts, United States  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hardy, Robert
Mother Metherall, Margaret
    Brother     Hardy, Thomas Metherall
    Sister     Hardy, Flora Jane Janie
         Hardy, Henry Bloomer
    Brother     Hardy, Ernest Hessel
    Brother     Hardy, George Heber
    Brother     Hardy, Gordon
    Brother     Hardy, Lea Leigh
    Sister     Hardy, Lucy


Groom's Name Henry B Hardy
Groom's Residence Hills River
Groom's Status Bachelor
Bride's Name Lilla J Bowness
Bride's Residence Alberton
Bride's Status Spinster
Date of Marriage License or Bond 10 July 1899
Date of Marriage Ceremony 12 July 1899
Officiant's Name John Goldsmith
Source RG19, Series3, Subseries4: Marriage Licenses, 1899


  1. Hardy, Robert
    1. Metherall, Margaret
      1. Hardy, Thomas Metherall
      2. Hardy, Henry Bloomer
      3. Hardy, Flora Jane Janie
      4. Hardy, Ernest Hessel
      5. Hardy, George Heber
      6. Hardy, Gordon
      7. Hardy, Lea Leigh
      8. Hardy, Lucy