Sullivan, Dougald

Birth Name Sullivan, Dougald
Gender male
Age at Death less than 66 years, 2 months, 28 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth October 4, 1838 Lot 13, Prince, Prince Edward Island, Canada 1881 census gave 1841; 1901 said 1839
Baptism February 24, 1839 Presbyterian Church, Richmond Lot 16, Prince Edward Island  
Death before 1905    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Sullivan, David
Mother Campbell, Margaret Peggy
    Sister     Sullivan, Katherine
    Brother     Sullivan, James
    Brother     Sullivan, David
    Sister     Sullivan, Mary
    Sister     Sullivan, Jane
         Sullivan, Dougald
    Brother     Sullivan, Thomas
    Sister     Sullivan, Margaret Ann Maggie
    Brother     Sullivan, John
    Sister     Sullivan, Georgiana Edith


    Family of Sullivan, Dougald and Thompson, Elizabeth
Married Wife Thompson, Elizabeth
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage August 13, 1868 Alberton, Lot 4, Prince Edward Island  


Child's Full Name Dougald Sullivan
Place of Birth Lot 13
Baptismal Date 24 February 1839
Officiating Clergy Macgregor
Father's Name David Sullivan
Church Name Richmond Parish Presbyterian

The Islander – Aug 28, 1868
At the Manse, Alberton on the 13th inst., by the Rev. allan Fraser, assisted by the Rev. W. Stewart, and Rev. W.R. Frame, Mr. Dugald Sullivan, to Miss Elizabeth Thomson, both of Lot 13.

Groom's Name Dugald Sullivan
Groom's Residence Lot 13
Groom's Status Bachelor
Bride's Name Elizabeth Thomson
Bride's Residence Lot 13
Bride's Status Spinster
Source RG19/s3/ss5: Marriage bonds, 1868

In 1881, Dougald and Elizabeth were living with his parents, and in 1891, only his mother was with them.



  1. Sullivan, David
    1. Campbell, Margaret Peggy
      1. Sullivan, Katherine
      2. Sullivan, James
      3. Sullivan, David
      4. Sullivan, Mary
      5. Sullivan, Margaret Ann Maggie
      6. Sullivan, Jane
      7. Sullivan, Dougald
        1. Thompson, Elizabeth
      8. Sullivan, Thomas
      9. Sullivan, John
      10. Sullivan, Georgiana Edith