McFadyen, Hannah Mary

Birth Name McFadyen, Hannah Mary
Gender female
Age at Death 55 years, 3 months, 24 days


A daughter Mary was named in the will of Angus McFadyen.

There was a Hannah McFayden in Charlottetown in the 1881 census, working for the family of Richard and Jane Heartz. She was 28, or born in 1853. (Richard Heartz did have a connection to Clyde River)

I don't know if the attached record is the right marriage for Hannah Mary McFadyen, in 1886. It seems logical that her brother Archibald would name a daughter for his sister (Hannah Marie). And Robert and Mary Roper were the witnesses at the marriage of Annie McFadyen in November 1886. On the marriage bond, Hannah McFadyen was from Charlottetown, and Robert Roper was from St. Peter's Road, Lot 34. The bond co-signer was Angus Darrach, and he and Christy McFadyen were witnesses.

There was a Marey Roper, born 1851, in the 1891 census, with husband Robert. Both of her parents were born in Scotland. Robert and Mary were both Church of England. There were no further census records found. They were not in the CMNI cemetery transcripts, or in the Guardian newspaper.

There was a death record for a Hannah Roper, who died and was buried in Charlottetown at St. Paul's in April 1898 at the age of 53 (b. 1843). Robert Roper died a few months later, in August 1898, at age 62 (pre-1906 Death Index. St. Paul's Anglican Church, Charlottetown).

Robert Roper was born around 1837 on the Island, with parents born in England. He could be a member of the same family as Samuel Roper, who emigrated with his parents in 1830. Robert was a widower at the time of his marriage to Hannah Mary McFadyen.

Tentative dates for Mary Hannah would be 1845-1898, which fits with the 1848 census.

Roper Mrs. Robert Summerside Journal 27 April 1898, page 5, col. 2 At Charlottetown on the 25th inst., Hannah, aged 53 years, wife of Robert Roper

Roper Robert Summerside Journal 10 August 1898, page 5, col. 3 Suddenly at Charlottetown Royalty on the 5th inst., Robert Roper, aged 63 years. Deceased was working in a hay field and asked a little girl to bring him a drink of water, but when the child arrived with the water he was breathing his last.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1843 Bannockburn, Lot 31, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada between 1843 and 1853  
Death April 25, 1898 Charlottetown, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada d. at age 52  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McFadyen, Angus 1about 1800January 31, 1886
Mother McKinnon, Margaretbefore 1848
    Brother     McFadyen, Charles 1836 before 1891
    Brother     McFadyen, Neil June 28, 1839 January 23, 1921
    Sister     McFadyen, Child 1839 1847
    Sister     McFadyen, Catherine 1841 January 13, 1905
         McFadyen, Hannah Mary 1843 April 25, 1898
    Sister     McFadyen, Margaret May 1845 September 4, 1847
    Sister     McFadyen, Ann June 1847 September 8, 1847


Family of Roper, Robert and McFadyen, Hannah Mary

Married Husband Roper, Robert ( * 1836 + 1898 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage February 27, 1886 Prince Edward Island, Canada