Baker, Richard William Melville

Birth Name Baker, Richard William Melville
Gender male
Age at Death 78 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1879 Prince Edward Island, Canada  
Death 1957    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Baker, Richard Herbert Reid
Mother England, Evaline
         Baker, Richard William Melville
    Sister     Baker, Beatrice England
    Brother     Baker, Chester Cleveland
Father Baker, Richard Herbert Reid
Stepmother Caseley, Bertha
Stepfather Tuplin, John
Mother England, Evaline


Thomas Tuplin died in 1913 and his wife aged 90 in 1936. Their
daughter Selina married Melville Baker also of Margate in 1903. They had
one child, Helen. Melville bought the farm here, after Thomas' death in
1913, having rented it for the previous two years. Melville died in 1957
aged 78 and his wife in 1960 aged 83. Helen Baker was married to Noy
Moase of Kensington in 1932. They bought this farm in 1940. Their son
Eric married Gwennyth MacMurdo of Kelvin in 1963 and Eric bought the
old homestead. The same year Noy and Helen moved from here to their
new home across the highway. The present dwelling was built in 1877 and
the barn was moved from across the road to it's site, and additions made
to it in 1920.

History of Margate


  1. Baker, Richard Herbert Reid
    1. England, Evaline
      1. Baker, Richard William Melville
      2. Baker, Beatrice England
      3. Baker, Chester Cleveland