Gorrill, Lavinia

Birth Name Gorrill, Lavinia
Gender female
Age at Death 60 years, 11 months, 11 days


She leaves ... a sorrowing husband and three sons and seven daughters; namely
Wm., Springhill, Lot 13;
Thos., Poplar Grove;
Ernest, at home,
Mrs. P. McAull, Mount Pleasant;
Mrs P. McNevin, Ellerslie;
Mrs B MacDougall, Bideford;
Mrs. I. Ramsay, Arlington;
Ruby, Belle and Wanda at home.

A step-mother, Mrs. R. Gorrill, Northam; four sisters, Mrs. H. Ellis, Northam; Mrs. W. McLellan, Newtonville, Mass., Mrs F. Millar and Pricilla Gorrill, Newton, Mass.; four brothers, Henry, of Northam; Fredrick, East Boston; John, of Minneapolis; Reuben, of Spokane, Wash

from obituary on PEI ancestry

History of Northam

Lavina (1859) married John F.W.Grigg of Tyne Valley and had twelve children: William,
Mae, Eva, Thomas, Reuben, Clarinda, Edith, Ernest, Daisy, Reby, Belle and Wanda



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth August 6, 1859 Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Death July 17, 1920 Tyne Valley, Lot 13, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada obit. from PEI ancestry  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gorrill, Richardabout 1828April 25, 1889
Mother Newcombe, Mary Ann18321872
    Sister     Gorrill, Clarinda 1855 March 18, 1924
    Brother     Gorrill, Richard Henry Harry March 6, 1863 November 13, 1933
         Gorrill, Lavinia August 6, 1859 July 17, 1920
    Sister     Gorrill, Mary Jane February 21, 1865
    Brother     Gorrill, Frederick Humphrey July 28, 1866 September 15, 1942
    Brother     Gorrill, William John 1858 May 14, 1931
    Brother     Gorrill, Reuben Samuel 1870 October 12, 1949


Family of Grigg, John Fowler Wells and Gorrill, Lavinia

Married Husband Grigg, John Fowler Wells ( * 1859 + 1946 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage July 11, 1883 Port Hill, Lot 13, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada St. James C of E records  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Grigg, William RichardMay 16, 1884January 18, 1959
Grigg, Mary W.1886February 16, 1906
Grigg, Thomas HenryJune 23, 18871975
Grigg, Sarah Eva18881962
Grigg, Reuben1890June 1891
Grigg, Clarinda JaneMay 2, 18921975
Grigg, Edith LaviniaJanuary 23, 18941975
Grigg, John Ernest MarathonJanuary 12, 18961980
Grigg, Daisy PriscillaMay 2, 18981985
Grigg, Reby MaudeJanuary 19, 1900July 29, 1995
Grigg, Evelyn WandaJune 3, 19041989