Murray, David

Birth Name Murray, David
Gender male
Age at Death 88 years, 8 months, 5 days


There were 9 people in the household of David Murray in the 1798 census.
3 males under 16, 2 between 16-60; 2 females under 16, and 2 between 16 and 60.

History of the Murrays of Bedeque:

"Even by 1853, when David Murray appeared before the Prince Edward island Legislature to testify about his father's 500 acre land grant of 1786, the matter of the Loyalist land grants was still not settled. By and large, it never was, resulting in the large proportion of Loyalists who simply got tired fighting the matter and left the island. David Murray lived to be an old man, dying in 1853 leaving behind thirteen children. David Murray was the great grandfather of Lucy Maud Montgomery.

William Murray and his wife Hannah Wright, whom he married ca. 1792, had ten children. Hannah died in 1814 and in 1815 he married Ruth Gould by whom six more children were born. William did not register his parents gift of land until 1843 when he sold much of it. He died in Bedeque in 1860, known appropriately through his latter years as "Old William Murray"."

David Murray took out a license to marry Anne/Nancy Penman on March 5 1788, but another suitor was there before him; on March 25 1788 he obtained a license to marry her sister Elizabeth Penman of Lot 13, Richmond Bay. You have to wonder how Bessie felt about being his second choice!

In 1789, David Murray married Elizabeth Penman, daughter of George Penman of Richmond Bay (Island of Saint John), who was formerly a paymaster in the British Army. George Penman served under Lord Rollo and first came to the Island in 1758 when Lord Rollo took possession of it.

David Murray and Elizabeth Penman had at least thirteen children. Only six of them are named in David Murray’s will written in 1851. They are sons - William, James and deceased son, Alexander; and three daughters – Elizabeth Montgomery, Mrs. McArthur and Mrs. Donald Campbell. Several other children have been identified in deeds and other records.

David and his wife Elizabeth were great-grandparents of the noted author, Lucy Maud Montgomery.

David Murray died in 1853 at New London, Prince Edward Island and was interred in the Presbyterian Cemetery, North Bedeque. His wife Elizabeth is not mentioned in his will, so it is likely she predeceased him.

"All persons having legal demands against the estate of the late David Murray, Sen. of Bedeque are requested to present their accounts for settlement..." notice Bedeque 2 Nov 1853

Died At New London at the residence of his son-in-law, Donald Montgomery, Esq. David Murray Esq., aged 88 years. He was for many years a Memer of the House of Assembly of the Island. Haszard's Gazette 2 Nov 1853 page 3

"An Island Refuge : Loyalists and Disbanded Troops on the Island of Saint John," edited by Orlo Jones and Doris Haslam; (pp. 195-201 in 1983 printing)

Died At New London at the residence of his son in law, Donald Montgomery, Esq David Murray aged 88 years. He was for many years a member of the House of Assembly of the Island. Haszard's Gaz 2 Nov 1853




Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth February 3, 1765 Scotland    
Death October 8, 1853 New London, Lot 21, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada    


Family of Murray, David and Penman, Elizabeth Betsy

Married Wife Penman, Elizabeth Betsy ( * 1770 + 1849 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage March 25, 1788 Prince Edward Island, Canada PEI Marriage licenses/cash books; license dated March 25 1788  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Murray, Benjamin
Murray, John
Murray, Janeabout 1790
Murray, GeorgeJune 30, 1790December 1, 1855
Murray, Margaret PeggyAugust 14, 1795August 2, 1881
Murray, William1797September 5, 1872
Murray, David1798July 29, 1868
Murray, Mary1801November 9, 1867
Murray, James1805October 23, 1851
Murray, Alexanderabout 1808April 14, 1849
Murray, Elizabeth1809
Murray, Ann Nancy1809April 5, 1856