Baglole, William

Birth Name Baglole, William
Gender male


    Family of Baglole, William
  1. Baglole, Mary
  2. Baglole, Thomas
  3. Baglole, William
  4. Baglole, Charles


From the Island Register:

William Baglole, Jr., who came to Prince Edward Island in 1831 with his parents, William Baglole and Sarah Ashton, both of Hartland, Devon, where they were married 25 July 1818. Other children who came with them were: Mary, who was baptized at Barnstable Methodist Church 22 June 1819; Thomas, who was baptized at Holsworthy Methodist 21 June 1827; and Charles, who was baptized in Shebbear, Devon 5 June 1829. James’s father William, born in Barnstaple, Devon, 3 June 1824, married James’s mother, Ann Nichol, about 1853 in Summerside. The name Baglole is a modern spelling of Bagelhole, which in the Devon dialect was clipped to sound like that. The International Genealogical Index lists 1955 individuals by the name of Bagelhole in Hartland, Devon, over the generations, the first dating 1535.


    1. Baglole, William
        1. Baglole, William
        2. Baglole, Mary
        3. Baglole, Thomas
        4. Baglole, Charles