Fiddler Fidler, John

Birth Name Fiddler Fidler, John
Gender male
Age at Death 78 years


John Fidler (or Fiddler), b. England in 1801, married Hannah Offer in Wiltshire, England in 1821. They possibly settled in New Wiltshire PEI, where a John and James Fidler's names could be found on a Patriot Fund list of 1855.

John Fidler can be found next in the 1861 New Brunswick census in the household of William Fiddler and his wife Christianna Stewart. He was 62 and a widower; his relation to the head of house was father . Also in this household was John's daughter Mary, age 15, b. PEI. John's religion was Episcopalian. Unfortunately, the census records for 1841 and 1848 in PEI, and 1851 in New Brunswick, were incomplete. There was a Thomas Fidler in Lot 31 in 1848, but no Fidlers or Fiddlers in later census records for PEI.

From marriage and birth dates, the family was on the Island by the mid 1840s. They were not in the 1852 census of New Brunswick.

Mary Fiddler from Sunbury, born PEI in 1846, married Robert Betts; her death record gave her parent's names as John Fiddler and Hannah Offer.

Elizabeth Fidler, who married Isaac Nightingale, was born on the Island about 1846. However, on her death certificate her father's name was given as Thomas, and her mother's name was unknown. This might indicate that whoever supplied the information was not sure of her family history, or she does not belong in this family.

Since George and William Fiddler both married women from PEI, and then moved to the same area of New Brunswick, I am assuming they were in the same family, along with Mary. The same goes for James Fiddler. In the 1861 census he was in Sunbury County with a one year old son born on PEI; similar to William he also married a Stewart from PEI. However, they could have been cousins.

Sarah Fiddler, who married David Cook in Summerside PEI 18 December 1851, was the daughter of John and Hannah, according to her death certificate in Massachusetts.

In 1871, John gave his religion as Methodist. He was living in the household of George and Hannah Linton. On the same page of the census was Robert and Mary Jane Betts, and George Fiddler and his second wife Jane.

Possible members of this family are:
Edward, who lived in Chipman
Hannah Fidler, who married George Linton and lived in Sunbury until she and some of her family moved to Kansas
Elizabeth who married Isaac Nightengale?

A family tree on the web has John b. Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, with children Elizabeth (1821), William (1824 & 1826), Maria (1827), Edward (1827) and Sarah (1831).

I'm not directly related to the Fidlers, but there is the remote chance that the father of Jennie Humphrey's daughter Ellen Jane was the man she later married, George Fidler. I also wonder if the David Humphrey from PEI who married the widow of James Fidler was Jennie's brother. This family tree has been included in case someone tests their DNA and finds a link to my Island Humphrey family.






Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 48 Number 2120
Date December 31 1879
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper Christian Visitor
d. 15th ult., 81st year, John FIDDLER of Upper Newcastle.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1801 England, United Kingdom    
Death 1879 New Brunswick, Canada    


Family of Fiddler Fidler, John and Offer, Hannah

Married Wife Offer, Hannah ( * + before 1871 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage October 20, 1821 ETCHILHAMPTON,WILTSHIRE,ENGLAND Etchilhampton,Wiltshire,England  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Fiddler, Elizabethabout 1821
Fiddler, William18251878
Fiddler, Edward18261889
Fiddler Fidler, GeorgeDecember 22, 1826before 1921
Fiddler, James1829before 1869
Fiddler, MariaMarch 12, 1829January 10, 1905
Fiddler, Sarah1833December 22, 1902
Fiddler, MargeryOctober 17, 1835
Fiddler, Hannah1841November 22, 1915
Fiddler, Elizabethabout 18441911
Fiddler, Mary Jane18461927