Burrows, Thomas

Birth Name Burrows, Thomas
Gender male


History of New Annan:

Thomas Burrows came out from Tavistock, near Barnstaple, Devon
England in 1837; he married Sophia Tuplin who also came out from
They lived in Long River where Andrew Johnstone now lives and
had the following family: Thomas, Frances, Samuel, Grace, Jabez & Eliza.
THOMAS was born in 1821, died in 1901. He married Sarah Cochran
and came to live in New Annan where Lewis Moase now lives. They had
the following family: William Thomas, Catherine, Sophia, Rebecca.
William T. married Margaret Hall and lived in Summerside; they
had eight children.
Catherine never married.
Sophia died while in her teens.
W. K. Rogers was brought up here, a nephew.
Rebecca married Joseph Rogers of Bedeque and they had two chil-
dren: W. K. Rogers who married Margaret Sinclair of Summerside and
Alice married Robert Clark in United States.
FRANCES was born 1824, died 1899, she married Samuel Morris.
SAMUEL was born 1828, died 1884, he married Mary Johnstone.
They lived in Long River for a while and later moved to Wilmot Valley.
GRACE was born 1830 died 1861, she married William Johnstone of
Long River.
JABEZ was born in 1833, he married Caroline Orr and lived where
William Haggerty now lives in New Annan; they had no family. His
second wife was Barbara Godfrey, they had a daughter Edna who mar-
ried John H. Stewart and moved out west, they had no family.
Jabez later moved to Kensington and lived where Mrs. James Saun-
ders now lives. He dropped dead by the railroad track on his way home
from the Post Office in 1904.
ELIZA was born in 1836 died in 1917, she was married to John
Waite and resided in Wilmot Valley.




Family of Burrows, Thomas and Tuplin, Sophia

Married Wife Tuplin, Sophia ( * + 1890 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Burrows, SamuelAugust 4, 1827December 8, 1884
Burrows, Grace1830September 27, 1861


    1. Burrows, Thomas
      1. Tuplin, Sophia
        1. Burrows, Samuel
        2. Burrows, Grace