Fiddler, Maria

Birth Name Fiddler, Maria
Gender female
Age at Death 75 years, 9 months, 29 days


There was a Maria Fidler who married Robert Cudmore in 1850. According to census records, she was born in England about 1831 and emigrated in 1857. This must be a mistake because she married on the Island in 1850.

In 1881, in Queen's PEI, Robert Cudmore 59, Maria Cudmore 50
Mary Jane Cudmore 19, Angellina Cudmore 16, Ida M. Cudmore 14
Robert J. Cudmore 10, Geo. Fred Cudmore 2

Robert Cudmore 66, Maria Cudmore 61
Robert Cudmore 19, Angelina Cudmore 26 and Mary Jane Cudmore 29

Other children were John Thomas, William Henry, Hannah Maria, Edward, Maria Ellen, Sarah

William Henry died in 1933. According to his obituary in the Charlottetown Guardian he was survived by a brother Robert Cudmore and two sisters, Mrs. Alfred Sharon and Mrs. John McQuarrie. Mrs. Alfred Sherren died in 1939, survived by a brother and sister.

When Robert James Cudmore died in 1942, his parents' names in his obituary were Robert Cudmore and Maria Fiddler, from England.

At Appin Road Lot 30 on January 10 Mrs. Robert Cudmore aged 73 years. The sons are John Thomas, Robert James, William in Lot 30; Edward in Wisconsin; Mrs. Alfred Sherran, Crapaud; Mrs. James McInnis Charlottetown; Mrs. John McQuarrie Rustico; Mrs. Day in Wisconsin. Charlottetown guardian Jan 11 1905.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth March 12, 1829 ETCHILHAMPTON,WILTSHIRE,ENGLAND from 1901 census  
Death January 10, 1905 Appin Road, Lot 30, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada at age 73  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Fiddler Fidler, John18011879
Mother Offer, Hannahbefore 1871
    Sister     Fiddler, Elizabeth about 1821
    Brother     Fiddler, William 1825 1878
    Brother     Fiddler, Edward 1826 1889
    Brother     Fiddler, James 1829 before 1869
         Fiddler, Maria March 12, 1829 January 10, 1905
    Sister     Fiddler, Sarah 1833 December 22, 1902
    Sister     Fiddler, Margery October 17, 1835
    Sister     Fiddler, Hannah 1841 November 22, 1915
    Sister     Fiddler, Elizabeth about 1844 1911
    Sister     Fiddler, Mary Jane 1846 1927
    Brother     Fiddler Fidler, George December 22, 1826 before 1921


Family of Cudmore, Robert and Fiddler, Maria

Married Husband Cudmore, Robert ( * 1824 + before 1905 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage July 18, 1850 Prince Edward Island, Canada married by Charles Lloyd of St. John's Anglican Church, Milton, Queens