Abbott, Thomas 1 2a

Birth Name Abbott, Thomas
Gender male
Age at Death about 66 years, 4 months, 20 days


Thomas' birth to Thomas and Jane was recorded in St. Paul's Anglican Church in Northumberland County, New Brunswick. He was not in the 1852 or 1861 New Brunswick Census.

It looks very likely that he was the Thomas Abbott in New York State, where his mother and two sisters lived.

He may have been in New York as early as 1855 - there was a Thomas Abbott of the right age, born in NB, with wife Mary (born Ireland). Both Thomas and Mary said they had been living in the city for 10 years. He was a ship's carpenter. This was the same Thomas and Mary in the 1860 US census.

In the 1870 & 1880 US census records, he and Mary were living with his mother Jane, born in Ireland and a widow. In some census records his place of birth was recorded as Lower Canada, Canada or New York, but he was in the same area of the city, with a wife Mary born in Ireland of the right age. In the 1880 census, Thomas' birth place was recorded as New Brunswick. In the 1870 US census, Thomas was a clerk. He was living on Avenue C between 2nd and 3rd Streets.

He and Mary did not seem to have any children. Thomas' wife may have died after the 1880 census. A Mary Abbott, daughter of James and Mary Colter, died in Manhattan on 18 August 1882 at the age of 54. Her marital status was unknown.

Thomas married again:

Name: Thomas Abbott (age 59, marital status unknown, born Province of New Brunswick)
Spouse's Name: Elizabeth Toy (age 39, born Ireland, single)
Event Date: 16 Sep 1885
Event Place: Manhattan, New York, New York
Father's Name: Thomas Abbott
Mother's Name: Jane Crawford
Spouse's Father's Name: James Toy
Spouse's Mother's Name: Martha Gardner

Elizabeth Abbott McArthur's obituary indicated that only one sister was surviving at the time of her death in 1905. I was unable to find Thomas in census records after 1880, so I have assumed that he died before his sister. Although there were two or three men named Thomas Abbott in New York around this time, it seems very likely that he was the Thomas Abbott who died in Manhattan NY 21 May 1889. The record for this Thomas said he was born in Ireland, but his parents' names were Thomas and Jane.






Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1823 Chatham, Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada    
Baptism August 13, 1823 Newcastle, New Brunswick, Canada    
Death May 21, 1889 New York, United States    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Abbott, Thomasbefore 1860
Mother Crawford, Jane A.1793August 28, 1885
    Brother     Abbott, John Crawford 1812 June 23, 1888
    Sister     Abbott, Anna about 1814 November 8, 1855
    Sister     Abbott, Jane May 28, 1819 February 3, 1907
    Sister     Abbott, Elizabeth 1821 1822
         Abbott, Thomas about 1823 May 21, 1889
    Sister     Abbott, Elizabeth August 1825 January 7, 1905
    Sister     Abbott, Bellinda December 10, 1827 before 1905
    Brother     Abbott, Hugh May 27, 1831 before 1905


Family of Abbott, Thomas and Abbott, Mary

Married Wife Abbott, Mary ( * + 1882 )

Family of Abbott, Thomas and Toy, Elizabeth

Married Wife Toy, Elizabeth ( * 1846 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage September 16, 1885 Manhattan, New York