Murley, Emily Blanche

Birth Name Murley, Emily Blanche
Gender female
Age at Death 55 years, 11 months, 10 days


Graduated as a registered nurse from the New England Deaconess Hospital in 1910. Just previous to her illness she was in charge of the canteen conducted by the Women's Auxilliary of the Canadian Legion.

She was survived by her husband, son Arthur in Halifax, daughter Joyce, Mrs William Hughes, two brothers, James M of the Telegraph Office and John B of the Employment and Selective Service Office and Mrs Arthur Henry, 84 Hillsboro Street.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth January 22, 1889 Charlottetown, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada Feb 22 1888 in the 1901 census  
Death 1945 Charlottetown, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada obit says in her 57th year  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Murley, Isaac18581922
Mother Rendle, Eleanor Ellis NellieMarch 17, 1867May 28, 1929
    Brother     Murley, James Merrill November 9, 1887 April 6, 1968
         Murley, Emily Blanche January 22, 1889 1945
    Sister     Murley, Hazel August 29, 1890 September 8, 1970
    Brother     Murley, Richard June 1, 1892 before 1901
    Brother     Murley, Cephas John Bradford November 1, 1896 December 22, 1977
    Brother     Murley, Isaac Earl 1904 April 24, 1919