Ashton, John

Birth Name Ashton, John
Gender male
Age at Death 86 years, 3 months, 15 days


A newspaper article on the settlement of West Devon noted that John Ashton had inherited his father John's farm; he was the son John under 21 named in John Sr.'s will.

Household Members in Lot 10:
John Ashton 34
Margaret J Ashton 30
John Ashton 12
Bernice M Ashton 10
James Garfield Ashton 8
Minnie Ashton 6
Mary J Ashton 4
Edith Ashton 2

Margaret Jane., wife of John Ashton, died August 2 1902 at age 42. Her son Willie, age 8, was buried with her. She was survived by four sons and three daughters. Daughter Minnie died in 1913 in California at the age of 27. Minnie was survived by her father and three brothers and two sisters, J. Garfield, Harry Simon, and Maud B., all of California, and Jennie Ashton, Boston, Mass.

John married Kate Graham after Margaret's death.

Groom's Name John Ashton
Groom's Residence West Devon
Groom's Status Widow/Widower
Bride's Name Catherine B. Gamble
Bride's Residence West Devon
Bride's Status Widow/Widower
Source RG19/s3/ss3: Marriage registers, 1906-1914

Maria M. McKenzie of Lot 6 said that her male child born 23 March 1877 was the son of John Ashton, bachelor, Lot 10, PEI Seduction Act files

Death record for John Ashton Jr. said his parents were John Ashton and Elizabeth Morrell. Information came from his sister Mary Jane, Mrs Jennie Grigg. It gave date of birth July 24 1858, date of death May 4 1943. Since Mary Jane was the daughter of Elizabeth Morrell, she may have assumed that her mother was also the mother of her brother and two sisters. If John Sr. had lived with Elizabeth for many years before their marriage, then it is possible, but makes Elizabeth's statement that her daughter Mary Jane was the only legitimate child true, but a bit cruel to the older children.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth January 20, 1857 Lot 10, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada 1901 census  
Death May 4, 1943 West Devon, Lot 10, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada dates from gravestone, West Devon United Cemetery Lot 10-1  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ashton, John Sr.1801February 18, 1870
Mother Unknown, Wifeabout 1820before 1868
    Sister     Ashton, Sarah March 3, 1850 September 28, 1913
    Sister     Ashton, Susan Ann December 24, 1851 before 1940
         Ashton, John January 20, 1857 May 4, 1943


Family of Ashton, John and McDonald, Margaret Jane

Married Wife McDonald, Margaret Jane ( * March 2, 1860 + August 2, 1902 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1878      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Ashton, Johnabout 1879February 19, 1905
Ashton, Bernice Maudabout 1880September 3, 1937
Ashton, James GarfieldOctober 12, 1883November 24, 1920
Ashton, MinnieSeptember 2, 1885January 18, 1913
Ashton, Edith1889before 1911
Ashton, WillieAugust 8, 1893October 2, 1901
Ashton, Harry JohnAugust 28, 18951922

Family of Ashton, John and Graham, Catherine Kate

Married Wife Graham, Catherine Kate ( * + March 15, 1938 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage September 22, 1911 Prince Edward Island, Canada