Burrows, Samuel 1 2

Birth Name Burrows, Samuel
Gender male
Age at Death 57 years, 4 months, 4 days



Samuel Burrows (Aug. 4, 1827-Dec. 8, 1884) was the son of Thomas and Sarah (Tuplin) Burrows of Springbrook. A shortage of water prompted Samuel to move to Wilmot Valley from Long River, after attempting to dig a well with no results. He purchased a farm in 1863. Samuel farmed and was a carpenter and carriage builder. He married Mary Johnston (Nov. 27, 1827-Jan. 25, 1898).

They had the following family-

Isabel (Nov. 10, 1852-Dec. 21, 1940) married John Moase of New Annan.
John Andrew (Oct. 12, 1854-Feb. 21, 1940) married (1) Mary Stavert (2) Isabella MacNeill (3) Elizabeth Cairns. (See John Burrows).
Carolyn (Aug. 29, 1858-May 8, 1935) married Bennet Haywood of Mill River .
Ada (Dec. 1, 1860-Feb. 14, 1930) married Archibald R. MacMurdo of .
Lucy (April 8, 1862-April 27, 1936) married Robert T. Moase of Kens ington.
Bertha (July 6, 1866-Feb. 4, 1938) married Swabey Birch of Port Hill .
Mary (Aug. 8, 1868-Sept. 5, 1886) died at the age of eighteen years, the result of vaccination poisoning.
John Andrew Burrows (1854-1940) married, in 1888, Mary Stavert (Oct. 12, 1868-Aug. 24, 1892, daughter of James Stavert of North Bedeque. They carried on farmin^ on his father's farm and had one child, Mary Isabel. Mary died in childbirth.
Mary Isabel (Aug., 1892) married Harry Moase. They had three children: Wallace, Ruth and Jean.
John married the second time to Isabella MacNeill (died in 1908) and from this union there was the following family:

Carrie (1896- ) married George Brown of Stanley Bridge, where they farmed. Carrie trained as a dressmaker.
Ruby and Frank were twins, born in 1897. Frank died in 1925 from a rupĀ¬ tured appendix and Ruby passed away in 1926 from acute pneumonia.
Ella (1900- ) married Lome Bowness of Norboro.
John married a third time, Elizabeth Cairns (died in 1957), and they had one son, John Andrew (1913- ). John Andrew married Lucy Simmons and farmed at home. He is now living on the . (See John A. Burrows).
When John sold the farm, the land was bought by Elmer and Colin Waugh in 1967 and is now owned by Brian Waugh. The house was sold to Peter White.

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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth August 4, 1827 Morwenstow, Cornwall    
Death December 8, 1884 Wilmot Valley, Lot 19, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada at age 57  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Burrows, Thomas
Mother Tuplin, Sophia1890
         Burrows, Samuel August 4, 1827 December 8, 1884
    Sister     Burrows, Grace 1830 September 27, 1861


Family of Burrows, Samuel and Johnstone, Mary

Married Wife Johnstone, Mary ( * November 27, 1826 + January 25, 1898 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage September 21, 1852 Prince Edward Island, Canada PEI Marriage Registrations 1852-1857 page 61  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Burrows, IsabelNovember 10, 1852December 21, 1940
Burrows, John AndrewOctober 12, 1854February 21, 1940
Burrows, Emma Johnstoneabout 18561875
Burrows, CarolineAugust 29, 1858May 8, 1935
Burrows, AdaDecember 1, 1860February 14, 1930
Burrows, LucyApril 8, 1862April 27, 1936
Burrows, Bertha JohnstoneJuly 6, 1866February 4, 1938
Burrows, Mary JanetteAugust 8, 1868September 5, 1886