Blue, Donald

Birth Name Blue, Donald
Gender male


The Family bible of Donald Blue and Sophia Grace (MacMillan) Blue

Information copied from their Bible by Grace (MacDonald ) MacEachern:

Donald Blue born May 12th 1794
Sophia Grace MacMillan born Feb. 12th 1800

their children: born

Mary Blue 20 May 1819
Barbara Blue 29 Apr.1821
Archibald Blue 20 Aug.1823
Sarah Blue 1 Aug. 1825
Grace Blue 31 July 1829
Euphemia Blue 23 Dec. 1831
Alexander Blue 23 Apr.1834 (twin)
Hector Blue 23 Apr.1834 (twin)
Neil Blue 1 Jan 1837
James Blue 20 Apr.1839
Margaret Blue 7 June 1841

posted to the Island Register


Family of Blue, Donald

Name Birth Date Death Date
Blue, Mary1820
Blue, Barbara1821about 1893
Blue, Sarah1827March 11, 1885


    1. Blue, Donald
        1. Blue, Mary
        2. Blue, Barbara
        3. Blue, Sarah