McDougall, Alexander

Birth Name McDougall, Alexander
Gender male
Age at Death about 50 years, 5 months, 21 days


Alexander was the third son of Alexander and Ann McDougall, according to the administration papers for his father's estate.

I was unable to find a marriage record for Hannah Ellis and Alexander McDougall in PEI Marriages, although the date was probably around 1840. The marriage was noted in the History of the Ellis Family, and their names were on baptismal, marriage and death records for their children.

The Alex McDougall in the 1861 PEI census in Lot 12 next to Charles McDougald, was Charles' father.

There was another entry in this census, in Lot 12, for a McDougald, first name garbled, that had 10 people in the household. Ancestry transcribed the name as Alexander Vangold, but the National Library and Archives transcription said Alexander McDougal, a better match with the name on the image. The ages fit with this family, 3 boys and their father, one girl under 5, and 4 girls under 15. They were Bible Christians. One member of the family had been born the previous year (Mary Ann), and one had married (Ann to Horatio Nelson Robinson). This McDougald was 22 years into his lease, which supports a date of marriage around 1840.

Of the children generally attributed to this couple, Sarah, Eliza, Jane Campbell, John Archibald, Mary Anne, and James Ellis were in the PEI Baptismal Index. The names of William's parents were on his death record, Susannah's on her marriage and death record. Sarah's marriage record in Port Hill C of E said she was married at the home of her father, Alexander McDougall, on the Western Road in Lot 13.

Hannah remarried in 1875, which means that Alex had died before that date. He is a good fit for the Alexander McDougald who died in 1867 in Mount Pleasant, Lot 13, who was described in the book Booze by Clinton Morrison as "Worthy Chief Templar, Hope Temple, IOGT" and whose obituary was quoted, describing him as "a man of great moral rectitude and sterling virtue." This Alex died at age 51, leaving a wife and 10 children, and lived in Lot 12, which fits with this Alexander's age, location, size of family, and religion - the Bible Christians and Methodists were strong supporters of the temperance movement.

d. Mount Pleasant, Lot 12, P.E.I., Saturday, 22nd June, Alexander McDOUGALD, age 51. Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 25 Number 757, Date July 9 1867, Place Saint John, Newspaper Morning Telegraph

At Mount Pleasant, Lot 12, on Saturday June 22nd after a severe illness of 4 days borne with Christian resignation, Mr. Alexander McDougald in the 51st year of his age, much and deservedly regretted by all who knew him. Miramichi and St. John papers please copy. Summerside Journal July 4 1867 page 3





Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1817 Lot 12, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada in the 21-45 age group on the 1861 census, died at age 51  
Death June 22, 1867 Mount Pleasant, Lot 12, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McDougall, Alexanderbefore 1781September 14, 1863
Mother McLean, Nancy Annabout 1783February 15, 1878
    Brother     McDougall, Hugh 1811 before 1891
    Brother     McDougall, Archibald before 1863
    Brother     McDougall, John about 1816 before 1911
         McDougall, Alexander about 1817 June 22, 1867
    Brother     McDougall, Hector May 12, 1819 April 26, 1902
    Brother     McDougall, Charles June 12, 1820 December 10, 1913
    Sister     McDougall, Nancy March 25, 1822 January 6, 1889
    Brother     McDougall, Peter February 7, 1824 April 3, 1911
    Brother     McDougall, Duncan September 18, 1826 1910
    Sister     McDougall, Elizabeth April 29, 1828 April 17, 1900
    Brother     McDougall, James September 10, 1830 before 1868
    Sister     McDougall, Catherine October 29, 1832 before 1901
    Brother     McDougall, Alexander Jr. about 1845


Family of McDougall, Alexander and Ellis, Hannah

Married Wife Ellis, Hannah ( * April 3, 1821 + May 6, 1898 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1842 Prince Edward Island, Canada unable to find in PEI Marriage Registers  
Name Birth Date Death Date
McDougall, WilliamOctober 31, 1842April 8, 1906
McDougall, AnnSeptember 21, 1844November 26, 1907
McDougall, SarahJuly 1847November 30, 1934
McDougall, Alexander HavelandMay 18, 18481934
McDougall, ElizaJuly 30, 1850March 12, 1895
McDougall, SusannahJuly 21, 1852July 17, 1909
McDougall, Jane CampbellDecember 1855November 5, 1916
McDougall, John ArchibaldOctober 26, 1858November 22, 1930
McDougall, Mary AnneDecember 21, 1860July 12, 1904
McDougall, James EllisNovember 24, 1864July 26, 1930