Burke, Barbara

Birth Name Burke, Barbara
Gender female
Age at Death 74 years


Child's Full Name Barbara Bourke
Baptismal Date 10 June 1876
Officiating Clergy J McDonald
Father's Name John Bourke
Mother's Name Ellen Ramsay
Church Name St. Anthony's R. C
Church Location Bloomfield Parish
Record Book Number 1
Record Book Page 129
Notes Date of Birth: "8 years old"

Child's Full Name Barbara Helen Purcell
Birth Date 29 October 1904
Place of Birth Charlottetown
Baptismal Date 6 November 1904
Officiating Clergy James Morrison
Father's Name Joseph Purcell
Mother's Name Barbara McKenna
Church Name St. Dunstan's Basilica
Record Book Number 5
Record Book Page 386
Notes PARO cannot provide copies of post-1900 Roman Catholic records

Name Mrs. Josepn Purcell
Age 83
Residence Sacred Heart Home, Charlottetown
Date of Death 30 November 1950
Entry Number 1873
Source RG19/s2/ss6: Death registration books, 1950



Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Burke, John McKennaabout 18431924
Mother Ramsay, Ellen Helen StewartApril 29, 18401922
    Sister     Burke, Mary Catherine September 16, 1863
    Brother     Burke, Charles Ramsay March 18, 1866 April 3, 1953
         Burke, Barbara 1876 1950
    Sister     Burke, Annabella Arabella about 1870 before 1946
    Brother     Burke McKenna, John Archibald 1872 November 28, 1946
    Sister     Burke, Mary Ellen December 27, 1876
    Brother     Burke, Malcolm James 1880 before 1946
    Brother     Burke, George Peter about 1882 June 3, 1911


Family of Purcell, Joseph and Burke, Barbara

Civil Union Partner Purcell, Joseph ( * + ... )