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Birth Name Dyment, William 8
Gender male


I have seen the attached picture of an older couple attributed to three Dyment couples - William and Effie, his brother Humphrey and wife Nancy, and to their parents, Humphrey and Mary Ashton. The man in the picture is clearly a Dyment, but the woman, to me, looks more like the picture of an older Effie than the picture of the younger Nancy.

William was born between 1817 and 1818 in Devon, England, and baptized in the parish church in Bradworthy, Devon at the end of December, in 1818. He was the eldest son of Humphrey Dyment Sr. and Mary Ashton, named for his maternal grandfather. He was the first son named in the list of surviving sons in the will of Humphrey Dyment Sr.

The family emigrated when William was in his early teens. William himself gave the date as 1829 in Meacham's Patron's Directory, which is just possible if his brother Moses was born in England by 1829. However, other sources indicate that the family arrived three years later, in 1832. Given his young age, it seems unlikely that William would have emigrated before the rest of his family.

William married Euphemia (Effie) McArthur by license on 31 Jan 1839. Witnesses were Hugh McArthur and Hector McDougald. Genealogies of the Hugh McArthur family say she was the twin sister of Barbara McArthur, his brother Humphrey's first wife, and sister of Hugh, Susanne Dyment's husband. A later family obituary confirmed that Effie's parents were Malcolm MacArthur and Ann MacDougall. She was born around 1815 on Prince Edward Island.

William and Effie had 8 children, and this number is probably correct. On the 1900 US census form, Effie stated she was the mother of 8 children, 7 of whom were living. There were baptismal records for the three youngest children - Maria Ellen and William Harris were baptized in the Bible Christian Church in O'Leary, as was George, although his parents' last names were reversed on his record. William Dyment was a witness at the marriage of Elizabeth Dyment from Lot 7 to Augustine Cain, and Elizabeth Dyment Cain was buried next to her parents. William was also a witness at the marriage of John Dyment, who was described as the son of William in the Port Hill ledgers. Death records for Henry Scott and Mary Ann gave the names of their parents, and Effie's obituary named the surviving children of this marriage.

Figuring out the exact order of birth for the oldest three children has been difficult - the census information they provided was inconsistent. Henry, Mary and John all gave dates of birth ranging from 1839-1843 on census and other records.

William Dyment was on the 1846 rent rolls for Port Hill, so their first four children were born in Lot 13. According to the unpublished Dyment family history written by descendant Jean Meggison, "The family lived first in Tyne Valley but moved some time before 1858 to Springfield on the O’Leary Road. The road was not cleared at this time, there was only a path through the woods. The bears were quite plentiful and would often circle the house if a child cried, no doubt thinking it was a cub. The ladder to the loft where the family slept was always pulled up at night in case a bear should get into the house. The women, who got water from springs or brooks, usually carried a bright pail or dipper to beat on if a bear should appear."

In the 1861 census, William Dymont was living in Lot 7, a farmer. There were nine members in the household, all Methodists. Six years had elapsed in William's 999 year lease, putting the year he settled there at 1855. Besides the older married couple, there was one boy around 21 (John ), two boys between 5-16 (William and George), and one boy under 5 (? ); there was one girl under 5 (Maria) and two girls between 5-16 (Elizabeth and Maud). One child had married during the past year and this is likely Henry, who is listed separately in the 1861 census. Unless the census taker made some mistakes, it is hard to line up William and Effie's children with the census data. One possibility is that son John had an early first marriage and was back at home with a child. Three children, born before John's marriage to Margaret Silliker, can be found on some family trees. However, no record has been found of an earlier marriage for John, who stated he was a bachelor on his marriage record. Another possibility is that William and Effie were providing a home to his sister Susanne's son John, who cannot be accounted for in her household in the same census.

No records remain for the 1871 census of Lot 7, but the report noted that the land in the area was good, but that the roads and bridges remained poor. Neither was Lot 7 included in the 1870 Land Commissioners' report.

In the 1881 Census of Lot 7, PEI, William Dyment (spelled Dimont) was 63 and Effe 65. They were living with their son George and his family. Maps from this time show William's farm on the O'Leary Road, in Springfield. Besides George and his wife Sarah there were six grandchildren: Bertrum, Elizabeth, Ellen, Jane, Swabey and Robert. William was a Bible Christian, and Effie was a Baptist.

After the listing of grandchildren there was a Charles Dyment age 18. Some sources include a Charles Dyment in the family of William's son John, but this Charles was born in 1862, a few years before John's marriage to Margaret Silliker. This could, however, be Charles James Dyment, son of Charles Dyment and Elizabeth MacDougall, since he is missing from that household in the 1881 census, and was born around that year. As well, Charles James' three wives all came from farms close to William's farm. However, there is also the possibility that there were two people named Charles Dyment, born between 1860 and 1863 and living in Prince County. If there was a second Charles, he disappears from records after 1881.

William died 30 April 1886, Prince County, P.E.I., at the age of 68, according to his gravestone. No will was found in PEI Archives, but there is a land agreement signed by surviving children of William and Effie, and in the case of Elizabeth, her husband Augustus Cain. (PEI Land Conveyances, vol 21 pg 809 and 811, dated 5 april 1871)

Their daughter Elizabeth died in 1889. George, Mary Ann and Harriet moved to Massachusetts, and Henry settled in Washington State.

Although George was still on the Island in 1891, his mother Effie was not living with him. It is possible she went to the States with one of her married daughters, but she gave her date of emigration as 1895. Perhaps this was the date that George and his family emigrated, but Effie possibly left earlier - in 1886 after William died. She could have joined her daughter Mary, who had emigrated to Massachusetts a year earlier.

By the time of the US 1900 census, Effie was living in Cohasset, Massachusetts with her son George. Daughter Mary Ann, wife of Roderick A. McNeill, had died in Hull, Massachusetts in 1901 at the age of 61, followed by George and Maria Ellen in 1905. When Margaret McArthur, widow of John A. Gillis died at the age of 90 in 1907, it was noted in her obituary that her sister, Mrs. William Dyment, was 96 and living with her son John in Knutsford.

Effie died 26 March 1909. According to her obituary, she was survived by three sons and one daughter: Henry of Tacoma, Wash., William of Springfield, and John at home, and Mrs. Henry Walsh of Nantasket, Mass.



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Event Date Place Description Sources
Baptism December 27, 1818 Devon, England baptized in 1818 according to transcriptions of parish recordsnamed first of surviving children in Humphrey's will 8
Death April 30, 1886 Prince Edward Island, Canada tombstone says age 68 in 1886  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Dyment, Humphrey Sr.October 25, 1795August 8, 1878
Mother Ashton, Maryabout 1801March 9, 1877
         Dyment, William December 27, 1818 April 30, 1886
    Brother     Dyment, Humphrey Jr. March 4, 1820 May 17, 1912
    Brother     Dyment, John about 1822 May 26, 1886
    Sister     Dyment Diamond, Susanna Ashton October 19, 1824 May 19, 1913
    Brother     Dyment, Moses about 1830 August 20, 1893
    Sister     Dyment, Sarah October 6, 1832 January 31, 1878
    Brother     Dyment, Charles about 1834 before 1878
    Sister     Dyment, Mary Ann May 8, 1836 September 14, 1896
    Sister     Dyment, Eleanor September 10, 1838 June 22, 1922
    Sister     Dyment, Elizabeth July 10, 1842 June 30, 1870


Family of Dyment, William and McArthur, Euphemia Effie

Married Wife McArthur, Euphemia Effie ( * February 10, 1814 + March 26, 1909 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage January 31, 1839 Prince Edward Island, Canada Marriage Book 1832 - 1840 William Diamond B by license Euphemia McArthur S 31 Jan 1839Witnesses: Hugh McArthur Hector McDougaldA.V.G. Wiggins, Clerk  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Dyment, Henry ScottOctober 1839March 27, 1912
Dyment, Mary AnnOctober 1840August 22, 1901
Dyment, JohnDecember 9, 1841December 4, 1934
Dyment, Harriet JaneMarch 1843May 5, 1927
Dyment, Elizabeth L.1849February 15, 1889
Dyment, William HarrisFebruary 9, 1849September 1930
Dyment, George McCarterFebruary 2, 1851October 30, 1905
Dyment, Maria EllenMarch 7, 1853March 3, 1905