Beck, Matilda J.

Birth Name Beck, Matilda J.
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Grand-daughter of Vere Beck

from Historic Houses of PEI:

"All of the Becks in Prince Edward Island are descended from the twelve children of Vere Beck (1783-1878) and his wife, Elizabeth Marfleet (1787-1867), who arrived in PEI in 1813 from Crayford, Kent County, England. In 1814, Vere Beck purchased 100 acres of land in Guernsey Cove from John Cambridge, the proprietor of Lot 64. He soon built their first home, a log cabin. He would later sell half of the land, 50 acres, on the east side of his property to Henry Brehaut (1767-1848), another settler from England (Guernsey in the Channel Islands) who also was an adherent of the Methodist faith. Henry Brehaut was a cooper who made barrels.

Vere Beck was an engraver or "worker in metals" in England, but in PEI, in addition to managing his land which he paid for by cutting lumber for Cambridge's shipyard, he became involved in politics. He served as a member of the House of Assembly from 1837 to 1840, which was then meeting in a local Charlottetown pub!"



Event Date Place Description Sources
Death December 17, 1943 Avon, Massachusetts at 70 years 4 months 20 days; dau. William and Jane (Lacheur) - mother from PEI  
Birth   Prince Edward Island, Canada    


Family of Ballum, Alexander McDougall and Beck, Matilda J.

Married Husband Ballum, Alexander McDougall ( * September 1868 + April 25, 1940 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage June 15, 1893 Massachusetts, United States    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Ballum, Celina Selina Jane1894July 31, 1969
Ballum, Grace R.18961899
Ballum, John WilliamJuly 24, 1898April 4, 1955
Ballum, Howard AnselJanuary 10, 19001954
Ballum, Kenneth Erskine1901October 30, 1958
Ballum, Lawrence KingsleyJune 22, 1903February 1979
Ballum, Alexander McDougall1905July 15, 1947
Ballum, Albert19071907
Ballum, David IraJuly 22, 1913July 1987