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Birth Name McDougall, Duncan
Gender male
Age at Death 68 years, 4 months, 18 days


Duncan McDougall was the only son named in the will of Peter McDougall. He married Barbara Stewart in 1819. The history of Hamilton PEI says their children were John, Marion, Nancy, Dugald, Peter, Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth, Copeland, Jane Ann, Alexander, Sarah, Tamar, Ellen, and Archibald. Although there were no entries in the PEI Baptismal Index, some of their children were listed in old Margate/Princetown church records: John, Marion, Nancy, (large gap) Jane or James, Peter Warren, Elizabeth, Catherine or Copeland, Alexander?, Sarah, and Tamar.

If they were following Scottish naming practices, then naming a first son John seems out of order. I have included Barbara McDougall, from Lot 18, because her age fits, and it would have been a standard practice with so many daughters to name at least one after her mother.

Duncan was not in the 1841 census. In the 1861 census of PEI, Lot 18, Duncan McDougall and his wife were over 60. At home were one male between 6-15, and a male and a female between 16-21. They were all Presbyterians.

The next entry on the census page was for Dougald McDougall. Dougald makes sense as a member of this family because of where he lived, and being named after his mother's father.

The Examiner 13 August 1866: died at Shipyards, Duncan McDougald age 69. Gravestone - died July 19 1866 at age 68

The will of Duncan McDougall names his sons Archibald and Peter, from Lot 5; his daughter Ellen, who was unmarried, and his son-in-law John McLean in Lot 9. Archibald was to provide a home for his mother.

After his death Barbara moved to New Brunswick to live with her daughter Ellen, and this was where she died.

There were Duncan MacDougalls in the 1861 census in Lot 18, Lot 7, and Lot 8. A Duncan McDougall died in West Point in 1896 at the age of 80, but this Duncan came from another area of PEI: Duncan MacDougall, son of Archibald and Louise
Birth 15 Aug 1816 in Nine Mile Creek, Queens, PEI
Death 6 Aug 1896 in West Point, Prince, Pe



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth March 1798 Prince Edward Island, Canada from a family tree  
Death July 19, 1866 Lot 18, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada at 68  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McDougall McDougald MacDougall, Peterafter 17381819
Mother Unknown, Marionbefore 1861
    Brother     McDougall, John - Lot 16 1776 after 1853
    Sister     McDougall, Elizabeth about 1779 before 1849
    Sister     McDougall, Ann 1780 May 29, 1865
    Brother     McDougall, Alexander before 1781 September 14, 1863
         McDougall, Duncan March 1798 July 19, 1866
    Sister     McDougall, Mary


Family of McDougall, Duncan and Stewart, Barbara

Married Wife Stewart, Barbara ( * February 3, 1803 + March 15, 1874 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage July 1, 1819 Princetown, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Name Birth Date Death Date
McDougall, JohnMay 13, 1820May 12, 1896
McDougall, Marion MarianneApril 3, 1822January 6, 1910
McDougall, NancyJuly 10, 1824before 1920
McDougall, DougaldApril 26, 1826July 28, 1903
McDougall, Peter WarrenApril 7, 1827May 30, 1914
McDougall, Margaretabout 1829November 18, 1874
McDougall, MaryAugust 24, 1832July 1858
McDougall, Elizabeth C.April 20, 1833January 24, 1910
McDougall, Copeland CatherineJune 8, 1834before 1920
McDougall, BarbaraJune 26, 1836before 1877
McDougall, AlexanderJuly 1837before 1920
McDougall, Jane AnnJune 3, 1838before 1920
McDougall, Sarah StuartAugust 22, 1841March 10, 1909
McDougall, TamarSeptember 27, 1843March 16, 1929
McDougall, Ellen M.October 28, 1846December 2, 1920
McDougall, ArchibaldFebruary 15, 1849November 22, 1923