Ellis, William Totten

Birth Name Ellis, William Totten
Gender male
Age at Death 66 years, 22 days


William was the son of William Campbell and Nancy Campbell.

According to the History of the Ellis family, William Totton took over his father's shipyard, then moved his family to New York where he operated a shipyard. By 1881, he was living with his family in Hants County, Nova Scotia. His wife died before the 1891 census.

Sons George and Ernest went to the States. Sarah married Andrew M. Anthony, and must have died before 1895.

A daughter Annie, said to be adopted, married Alexander Gillis. Julia married Lea [Edmund] Hobart, and Carrie married [Andrew] Ambrose Hiltz.

1881 census, in Nova Scotia:
Name: William Ellis
Birth Year: 1831
Occupation: Ship Carpenter
Province: Nova Scotia
District: Hants
Subdistrict: Maitland
Household Members:
William Ellis 50
Mary M. Ellis 49 - Mary M. Tanton
Mary J. Ellis 18 (Mary Julia - 1862)
George D. Ellis 16 (George Davis - 1864)
Jemma E. Ellis 14 - Jamima, 1867
Caroline Ellis 12 - Caroline Ann, 1868
Sarah Ellis 10 b. 1871
Earnest Ellis 5 b. 1876
Source Citation: Year: 1881; Census Place: Maitland, Hants, Nova Scotia; Roll: C_13174; Page: 30; Family No: 120.

From the Island Register - descendants of William Ellis:

16. WILLIAM TOTTEN10 ELLIS (WILLIAM M9, WILLIAM8, ROBERT7, ROBERT6, ROBERT5, ROBERT4, MILES3, ROBERT2, JOHAN1) was born 10 Dec 1829 in East Bideford, Lot 12, Prince Co., PE. He married MARY ANN WOOD TANTON 20 Feb 1855 in St.Eleanors, Lot 17, Prince Co., PE, CAN, daughter of GEORGE TANTON and MARY WOODS. She was born in St. Eleanors, PE.

Children of WILLIAM ELLIS and MARY TANTON are:
ii. SARAH ELLIS, b. East Bideford, Lot 12, Prince Co, PEI; m. ANDREW ANTHONY.
iv. CAROLINE ANN ELLIS, b. 05 Jan 1860, East Bideford, Lot 12, Prince Co, PEI; m. AMBROSE HILTZ. (says Andrew on their marriage record) It looks like the first daughter given this name died young, and a second daughter was born in 1868.
v. MARY JULIA ELLIS, b. 17 Nov 1862, PE, CAN; m. LEA HOBERT. (says Edmund on their marriage record)
vi. GEORGE DAVIS ELLIS, b. 03 Dec 1864, East Bideford, Lot 12, Prince Co, PEI; d. 1921, Omaha, Nebraska, USA; m. AGNES DERMODY.
vii. JEMIMA ELLIS, b. 07 Aug 1867, PE, CAN. - baptized as Jamima Ellen Ellis in 1868, mother Marianne Wood






Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth December 10, 1829 Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Death 1896   not named in brother's obituary; unverified family tree  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ellis, Williamabout 1798December 9, 1880
Mother Campbell, Nancy AnnSeptember 5, 1801October 27, 1880
    Sister     Ellis, Hannah April 3, 1821 May 6, 1898
    Brother     Ellis, James June 13, 1822 October 15, 1897
    Sister     Ellis, Elizabeth February 1, 1824 September 19, 1888
    Sister     Ellis, Ann October 1, 1825 September 14, 1899
    Sister     Ellis, Sarah November 16, 1827 October 1, 1898
         Ellis, William Totten December 10, 1829 1896
    Sister     Ellis, Mary Julia March 7, 1832 September 20, 1895
    Brother     Ellis, John March 20, 1834 March 4, 1923
    Brother     Ellis, Edward August 15, 1835 September 17, 1919
    Brother     Ellis, Robert Douglas May 24, 1842 October 30, 1917
    Brother     Ellis, George Henry Penrose July 6, 1845 September 3, 1932


Family of Ellis, William Totten and Tanton, Marianne Wood

Married Wife Tanton, Marianne Wood ( * August 1832 + November 9, 1889 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage February 20, 1855 Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Ellis, AnnieApril 1852January 10, 1918
Ellis, Caroline AnnJanuary 15, 1860March 13, 1870
Ellis, Mary JuliaNovember 17, 1862
Ellis, George DavisDecember 3, 18641921
Ellis, Jemima EllenAugust 7, 1867
Ellis, Caroline Ann CarrieAugust 1, 1868before 1921
Ellis, SarahNovember 8, 1871January 3, 1895
Ellis, Ernest E.February 18761904