Dyment, John 1a 2a 3a

Birth Name Dyment, John 4a 2b 5a
Gender male
Age at Death 92 years, 11 months, 26 days


John Dyment is not in the PEI Baptismal Index; from census information he was born December 9 1839 (1901 census), 1843 (1881 census), or 1841 (1891 census). According to his obituary he died in December 1934 at the age of 93, which would make his year of birth 1841. On November 17 1923 he celebrated his 82nd birthday. His death record confirmed that he was the son of William Dyment and Effie MacArthur, born December 18 1841 in Tyne Valley, PEI.

He married Margaret Silliker (1843 – 1927) on 24 December 1868. Witnesses were William Dyment and Marion Silliker, Margaret's younger sister; the ceremony was performed by Arthur Ramsay JP. Margaret's parents were John Silliker and Ellen Duggan of Knutsford.

JAN. 18, 1869, MARRIED ON THE 24TH ULT., AT LOT 8, JOHN DYMONT/DYMENT?, OF LOT 6 TO MARGARET, SECOND DAUGHTER OF JOHN SILLIKER, LOT 8. (Summerside Progress Vital Stats 1866, from The Island Register)

The book The Dyments noted that several of John and Margaret's children died at a young age, and another source says the cause was diptheria. Although some family trees list 15 children for this couple, including three children born well before John and Margaret were married, two contemporary news articles say they had 11 children, many of whom died young.

(1) Charles, born 1862, is probably a mistake - Charles James Dyment, age 18, was living with his uncle William Dyment in 1881.
(2) Hannah or Sarah Dyment - the name is unclear - was living with Margaret and John in 1881. Born in 1863, she could be from another Dyment family, or adopted. No earlier marriage could be found for Margaret or John, to explain a daughter born in 1863. The date is possibly a mistake?
(3) Anne Marie b. 1869 - verified
(4) William Scott b. 1871 - verified
(5) John Silliker (1872-1874) - verified
(6) Harriet b. 1875, was not in 1881 census, the PEI Baptismal Index, or the family history compiled by Jean Meggison; she also isn't on a family gravestone. I would have expected a daughter named Effie, not Hattie in John's family.
(7) Tamar (1874- 1888) - verified
(8) Mary Ellen (1876-1878) - no record
(9) James (1878-1879) - in Jean Meggison's list
(10) Mary Ellen (b. 1880 - 1923) - verified
(11) Jane (Jennie) Mabel (1881)- verified
(12) Elsie (1885) - verified
(13) Judson (d. 1890) - no record, on Jean Meggison's list
(14) George - adopted son

Tamar, Anne Maria, John Silliker, and William Scott were in the PEI Baptismal Index, baptized in the Methodist Church in Alberton. They were born on the O'Leary Road, or in Knutsford, Lot 7. John Silliker and Tamar share a gravestone near their parents. According to the obituary for daughter Mary Ellen, who died in 1923, only one brother, William of Knutsford, and two sisters survived her.

The 1881 census lists John Dyment (age 38, born in P.E.I.), Margaret (age 38, b. 1843) H. Sarah (18), William S. (10), Tamar (7), and Mary Ellen (1) in this household. Their daughter Annie Dyment, born 1869, was living with her Silliker grandparents in 1881. The family was Methodist.

By 1891, the family in Lot 6 consisted of John (50), Margaret (46), William S. (21), Mary (12), Jane (10) and Elsie (6). George Dyment, age 10, was identified as an adopted child in later census records. They were living in a wooden house, one and a half stories, with three rooms. John could read and write.

John was a farmer, who had worked in the Yeo shipyards as a young man. Over the years he cleared what was originally a forest to create a farm.

In 1901, William Scott and his wife Margaret, along with their daughter Annie, were living with John, Margaret, Mary, Elsie, their adopted son George, and a grandson, Albert S. Dyment, born in the United States. This is most likely Annie's son Albert L. Wedlock, b. 1891 in the United States.

William and his family were still living with his parents in 1911 and in 1921. The house was described in the 1921 census as being wood, with 6 rooms. In the 1928 Cummings Atlas of PEI, John was in Lot 6 with his children William, Jean (Jane) and Elsie.

John died in Knutsford on December 5 1934, just short of his 93rd birthday.

Information on Margaret's parents came from family obituaries and Rita L. Willoughby's submission to the Island Register, The Descendants of Jacob Silliker and Mary Strang. Some of the children attached to this family came from other Dyment genealogies, but no records have been found to support some of the names of children. The list compiled by Jean Meggison and her mother is probably the most accurate, as they were direct descendants of John and Margaret.

Transcription of John's obit, from a scrap-book, no source given, but was possibly from the Charlottetown Patriot, 12 December 1934:

John Dyment

The death occurred on December 4th 1934 at his home in Knutsford of John Dyment at the advanced age of 93 years. He was a man of sterling character, always noted for his hospitality and no one needy was ever turned away from his door. He was born in Port Hill and there spent his early days in the shipyards there. When he first came to his present home sixty-six years ago he had to cut enough of the virgin forest to make room for his dwelling house, and from that time on cleared his farm which today stands in commendation of his industrious nature. He was loved by all his neighbours and friends, was honest and upright in all his dealings with his fellowman. He had been confined to his bed for over two years but was never heard to complain. He was one of the founders of the Methodist Church here and was always about his Father's business, often walking many miles to attend worship before any churches were erected. Such men are the builders of civilization which those who come after are enjoying. The funeral was held from his home on Dec. 6th and was largely attended. The service was conducted by his pastor, Rev. A. F. Baker, who spoke very impressively, comparing his long life to a shock of corn which is harvested in the autumn, gathering in all its fullness as the departed had been in perfect health up to the time of his death. The hymns sung were...
He is survived by one son, William, on the homestead, who with his wife cared for him; two daughters, Mrs. Ernest Woodside, Dexter, Maine and Mrs. Wm. Wedlock of Somerville, Mass, who spent a week with her father this fall, and five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

His wife (nee Margaret Silliker) predeceased him by seven years, also his daughter Mary, Mrs. Howard Adams, eleven years. The pall bearers were Amos and Thomas Gorrill, James Silliker, Geo. Woodside, Wm. Meggison, Thomas Gay. Floral tributes: Spray, Mr. Harvey Adams; wreath, Knutsford Women's Institute. Internment was in Knutsford Cemetery.

c. Jane Dyment June 2014




Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth December 9, 1841 Port Hill, Lot 13, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada date from 1901 census & gravestone 4b 2c 5b
Death December 4, 1934 Knutsford, Lot 8, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada date from obituary and gravestone  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Dyment, WilliamDecember 27, 1818April 30, 1886
Mother McArthur, Euphemia EffieFebruary 10, 1814March 26, 1909
    Brother     Dyment, Henry Scott October 1839 March 27, 1912
    Sister     Dyment, Mary Ann October 1840 August 22, 1901
         Dyment, John December 9, 1841 December 4, 1934
    Sister     Dyment, Harriet Jane March 1843 May 5, 1927
    Sister     Dyment, Elizabeth L. 1849 February 15, 1889
    Brother     Dyment, William Harris February 9, 1849 September 1930
    Brother     Dyment, George McCarter February 2, 1851 October 30, 1905
    Sister     Dyment, Maria Ellen March 7, 1853 March 3, 1905


Family of Dyment, John and Silliker, Margaret

Married Wife Silliker, Margaret ( * March 1848 + April 17, 1927 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage December 24, 1868 Prince Edward Island, Canada PEI Marriage Register  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Dyment, Hannah Sarah1863before 1963
Dyment, Anne Maria AnnieMay 10, 1869April 12, 1893
Dyment, William ScottDecember 24, 1870September 7, 1961
Dyment, John SillikerDecember 8, 1872July 6, 1874
Dyment, TamarSeptember 8, 1874October 20, 1888
Dyment, Mary EllenOctober 17, 1876February 28, 1878
Dyment, JamesNovember 14, 1878July 5, 1879
Dyment, Mary EllenNovember 17, 1880April 11, 1923
Dyment, GeorgeAugust 13, 1881May 8, 1947
Dyment, Jennie MabelJune 9, 1882April 14, 1977
Dyment, Elsie MayJune 20, 1884January 15, 1974
Dyment, JudsonNovember 4, 18861888

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