Brown, Anna M.

Birth Name Brown, Anna M.
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Name: Curtis L Boulter
Birth Date: abt 1877
Event Type: Marriage
Event City: Walpole
Marriage Date: 14 Sep 1926
Marriage Age: 49
Father Name: James Boulter
Mother Name: Ellen Mac Arthur
Spouse Name: Anna M Brown
Spouse Marriage Age: 33
Spouse Father Name: John J Turnbull
Spouse Mother Name: Jessie A Urquhart



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1894 New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia, Canada    


Family of Boulter, Curtis Lord and Brown, Anna M.

Married Husband Boulter, Curtis Lord ( * October 18, 1877 + March 11, 1944 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage September 14, 1926   1930 census (under Bniette) says married when Anna was 33  


    1. Brown, Anna M.
      1. Boulter, Curtis Lord