Silliker, John

Birth Name Silliker, John
Gender male



"John and his brother, Joseph, were the survivors of the vessel 'Union' which was wrecked off Halifax. Their first cousin, Jacob, was master of this vessel."

"John and Joseph moved to the western part of the Island from Bedeque and settled in Knutsford about 1855. Captain John and Ellen obtained a block of about 600 acres of land between the O'Leary Road and Boulter Road. The house and barn still stand. The first house was built with split shingles and wooden pegs to hold the rafters together. The family traveled seven miles to West Cape School in an ox cart. The Sillikers donated land and lumber for the Methodist church in Knutsford, and also for the first school. Captain John and Ellen Silliker had a large family, six sons and five or six daughters."

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Jean Meggison's Dyment genealogy:

Captain John Silliker of Dutch decent, the first settler in Knutsford, settled about halfway on the O’Leary Road. His wife was Ellen Duggan. They had a large family. The house and barns still stand in good repair, 1963 and was the first house built in Knutsford. Their sons were; James, Jacob (Jake), John married Matilda Frost and farmed in Mount Royal. James on the adjoining farm was unmarried. After the father's death his mother and sister lived with him. William Morrel lived for some time at this home when John went sailing, with the help of the women, cared for the farm, William Morrel later married Louise Wedlock, a neighbor's daughter, and they made their home in Dexter, Maine. Jake settled near his father as did Patrick who married Maria Frost (Rye) and William married Clare Frost. William later moved to the old home, where his grandson, Roy MacDowell still farms. The daughters were Ellen, Almira, Dolly, who married Benjamin Campbell, Mary Ann who married Joseph Shaw, Margaret married John Dyment.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage February 15, 1838   wit. Patrick & Dan'l Duggan, Jacob Silliker; William Cudall, JP  
Death before 1881 Prince Edward Island, Canada    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Silliker, Strangabout 1781
Mother Waugh, Elizabethabout 1790September 25, 1864
         Silliker, John before 1881
    Brother     Silliker, Joseph March 12, 1811
    Sister     Silliker, Margaret January 13, 1818 May 14, 1889


Family of Silliker, John and Duggan, Ellen

Married Wife Duggan, Ellen ( * 1815 + 1899 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Silliker, Patrick WilliamDecember 29, 1922
Silliker, Annie Elizabeth1842
Silliker, John James18481888
Silliker, MargaretMarch 1848April 17, 1927
Silliker, Williamabout 1855
Silliker, Mary AnnAugust 16, 1858September 6, 1939