Bowman, Elmer

Birth Name Bowman, Elmer
Gender male


Child's Full Name Elmer Roy Bowman
Birth Date 23 September 1888
Place of Birth Residence, Bedeque Road
Baptismal Date 22 September 1889
Officiating Clergy D. D Moore
Father's Name Richard Bowman
Mother's Name Ellen S Bowman
Church Name United
Church Location Cornwall
Record Book Number 1
Record Book Page 14

"Well then Elmer Roy my youngest boy went out west
two years ago he had 320 acres of land he has a small house on it and has some horses and he has to stay three years perhaps more before he can come home to stay so he wants me to go out there and keep house for him I had to rent the home place last year as I could not work it alone with only Bessie. So I rented it to Netties man they are on it yet I have three rooms in the house furnished I go and come when I please"


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bowman, Richard1847before 1925
Mother Molyneaux, Sarah Ellen1925
    Sister     Bowman, Elsie Jane September 19, 1875
    Sister     Bowman, Margaret Edna November 22, 1877
    Sister     Bowman, Nettie Blanche November 9, 1882
    Brother     Bowman, Lester Guy 1885 1959
    Sister     Bowman, Josephine Annie June 29, 1889 June 2, 1956
         Bowman, Elmer
    Sister     Bowman, Bessie