Barlow, John

Birth Name Barlow, John
Gender male
Age at Death 86 years, 9 months, 13 days


In the 1891 census, the Barlow family was under Burleigh. John and his second wife Flora were living in a 2 story house with 13 rooms; several families of Barlows were next door: William and Jane; Robert Bruce, his first wife Laura and two daughters; Samuel and his family; James E and Mary J; John Archibald and his second wife Alice, and the two boys from his first marriage, William and Henry. John Archibald and his family were in a smaller house - one and a half stories, with 4 rooms. also on this page of the census were Damaris (age 27) and Robert Nelson (40) with their children Fred and Leticia.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1808 Millingham, Suffolk, England    
Death October 14, 1894 Lot 16, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada    


Family of Barlow, John and Ramsay, Flora

Married Wife Ramsay, Flora ( * about 1806 + April 4, 1898 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage July 1, 1858 Prince Edward Island, Canada    

Family of Barlow, John and Wallace, Elizabeth

Married Wife Wallace, Elizabeth ( * about 1814 + about 1857 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage January 30, 1834 Prince Edward Island, Canada C of E St. Eleanors  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Barlow, Mary Ann
Barlow, WilliamSeptember 14, 1834February 25, 1912
Barlow, John1836
Barlow, Sarah1838April 3, 1897
Barlow, George18441932
Barlow, Elizabethabout 1845December 8, 1908
Barlow, Frances FannyJuly 7, 1855May 29, 1940
Barlow, Nancyabout 1857
Barlow Burleigh, JamesApril 10, 1857