Fiddler, James

Birth Name Fiddler, James
Gender male
Age at Death less than 40 years


Might also belong with the family of Thomas Fidler?

The James Fidler who married Adelaide Stewart could be the James Fiddler, widower, in the 1861 NB census, a widower whose one year old son had been born on Prince Edward Island. In that census, he was in the household of George Dykeman.

James received a land grant of 100 acres in 1862 in Sunbury County.

Name FIDLER, James
Volume 62
Page 0
Grant number 10391
Place Northfield
County Sunbury
Date 1862-06-19
Accompanying plan Yes
Acres 100
Microfilm F16361


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1829 England, United Kingdom    
Death before 1869 New Brunswick, Canada Sunbury Co.  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Fiddler Fidler, John18011879
Mother Offer, Hannahbefore 1871
    Sister     Fiddler, Elizabeth about 1821
    Brother     Fiddler, William 1825 1878
    Brother     Fiddler, Edward 1826 1889
         Fiddler, James 1829 before 1869
    Sister     Fiddler, Maria March 12, 1829 January 10, 1905
    Sister     Fiddler, Sarah 1833 December 22, 1902
    Sister     Fiddler, Margery October 17, 1835
    Sister     Fiddler, Hannah 1841 November 22, 1915
    Sister     Fiddler, Elizabeth about 1844 1911
    Sister     Fiddler, Mary Jane 1846 1927
    Brother     Fiddler Fidler, George December 22, 1826 before 1921


Family of Fiddler, James and Stewart, Adelaide

Married Wife Stewart, Adelaide ( * 1834 + before 1945 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage June 7, 1862 New Brunswick, Canada in Fredericton, NB Marriage Registers 1837-1866  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Fiddler, John1863before 1930
Fiddler, Ida18661887
Fiddler, Louisa Albina18681935

Family of Fiddler, James

Name Birth Date Death Date
Fiddler, James1860