Gass, William

Birth Name Gass, William
Gender male


Daniel Gass gave his parent's names as William and Annie on his marriage record. This would probably be: The Islander 1856 - By the same, Mr. William Gass, to Miss Ann Barrett, both of West River. William Gass was a witness at the marriage of Joseph Gass and Sarah Taylor.

1861 census: household of 5, 1 boy and 1 girl under 5 and 1 boy between 6-15. All Presbyterians, in lot 30, 6 years into a 999 year lease.
James, Thomas, Robert and Mary Gass were all baptized on the same day in 1880, no date of birth given.

Annie Gass m. John Henry Farrow, June 24 1886, Joseph Gass was a witness

The obituaries found only mention Robert, William and Thomas as surviving brothers.

Household Members 1881 census, Lot 30:
William Gass 47
Ann Gass 47
Joseph Gass 24
John Gass 22
Jane Gass 20 - married George Pike, Harding Smith
Ann Gass 18 - married John Henry Farrow
William Gass 16
James Gass 14 m. Isabel McPhail
Robert Gass 12
Thomas Gass 9
Mary Gass 6

But - no Daniel Gass. There was, however, a Daniel Gass of the right age in the household of Joseph Gass and Sarah Taylor. A brother or son named Daniel was not in the obituaries that I looked at for this family.


Family of Gass, William and Barrett, Annie

Married Wife Barrett, Annie ( * + ... )
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Marriage 1856      


    1. Gass, William
      1. Barrett, Annie