McLean, Malcolm

Birth Name McLean, Malcolm
Gender male
Age at Death 82 years, 6 months, 19 days


Nina Ross, who researched a number of Lot 13 Scottish families, included Malcolm in the family of Hugh and Peggy. She and other McLean researchers had been unable to reach a conclusion about Malcolm, so he remains here for now.

There isn't much evidence, one way or another. Malcolm was not in the PEI Baptismal Index, and Hugh McLean's will did not name any children, only his wife. His death certificate - filled in by family, not Malcolm of course - said that he was born in Lindale [probably Lyndale] PEI, and did not include the names of his parents. Malcolm would have been at the edge of childbearding years for Peggy, and there was a boy in his age range in the 1861 census entry for Mrs McLean, widow in Lot 13.

However, Malcolm was not named in the obit for Mary McLean, Mrs William Carroll in 1910, which said that Flora, Sarah and Margaret were the last members of the family.

He was on the Murray Harbour Road in 1873, when he married Sarah Mclean.
Groom's Name Malcolm McLean
Groom's Residence Murray Harbour Road
Groom's Status Bachelor
Bride's Name Sarah McLean
Bride's Residence Belfast
Bride's Status Spinster
Source RG19/s3/ss5: Marriage bonds, 1873
Malcolm and Ann McLean were witnesses.

A Mary McLean from Lyndale married a McDonald in 1888, so there were Lyndale McLeans.

Sarah and Malcolm McLain were in Lot 63 in 1881 and 1891. They had two children by 1881, Angus and daughter Margaret, age 1. Malcolm was born on the Island, and Sarah in Scotland - their two children were also born in Scotland, probably a mistake.

In 1891, the household of Malcome Maclean and Sarah in Lot 63 included Angus, 15; Alexander 8; John M., 6; Duncan R., 6; and Mary, 3 months. All of their children were born on the Island. Malcolm said that both of his parents were born in Scotland.

Malcolm and Sarah were living in Port Hill, where they had Mary, Duncan, Hugh and Malcolm baptized, saying they were all born in Port Hill, which seems unlikely for John, Duncan and Mary. In 1901, the family was in Lot 26, and in 1911, in Westmoreland, New Brunswick.

The 1901 census record is difficult to read:
Malcolm, 17 march 18? age 69
Sarah, 21 march 1860 age 47
Alexander, 4 August 1887 age 19
John, 21 dec year? age 18
Duncan, 13 July 1889, age 12
Hugh, July 12 year?, age 7
Mary, March 17 year? age 10

Duncan McLean said he was born in Belfast, and took 10 years off his age, on his Attestation papers for WW1. He gave his father Malcolm, with address in Bedeque, as his contact in 1918.

In 1926, Hugh and Sarah were in Alberta. They were living with Alex (age 35?) and Hugh (age 25); Duncan, age 29 was on the same page in the census.

Malcolm died in Alberta in 1930. His death record didn't include his parents' names. His obit says he was born in Lindale,PEI. He married Sarah Marguerite Mac Lean from Belfast in 1871 and their 6 surviving children were Angus b.1878,Mary b.1894,Duncan1891,Hugh 1895 and Malcolm Port Hill in 1897.

When Angus McLean died in Massachusetts in January 1946, his obituary said that surviving siblings were a sister, Mrs Mary MacDonald of Charlottetown, PEI and four brothers, Alexander, Duncan, John and Hugh, all of Charlottetown.




Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth March 17, 1848 Prince Edward Island, Canada date from 1901 census and other records. Children said born Lindale PEI on his death record  
Death October 5, 1930 Youngstown, Alberta, Canada    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McLean, Hugh1783May 25, 1859
Mother McKendrick, Margaret Peggyabout 1803August 19, 1877
    Sister     McLean, Nancy Ann 1823 June 4, 1900
    Brother     McLean, Lauchlin Lauchline about 1824 June 2, 1854
    Sister     McLean, Katherine about 1825 April 24, 1873
    Brother     McLean, Donald November 20, 1827 June 26, 1893
    Sister     McLean, Flora October 10, 1829 March 18, 1922
    Brother     McLean, Hugh about 1831 January 27, 1859
    Sister     McLean, Mary December 1834 January 2, 1910
    Sister     McLean, Sarah August 1, 1836 March 18, 1923
    Sister     McLean, Rachel 1837 March 10, 1861
    Sister     McLean, Margaret December 10, 1838 October 31, 1920
    Sister     McLean, Harriet Jane January 11, 1843 July 21, 1903
         McLean, Malcolm March 17, 1848 October 5, 1930


Family of McLean, Malcolm and McLean, Sarah

Married Wife McLean, Sarah ( * about 1851 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage March 19, 1873 Prince Edward Island, Canada married by T. Duncan  
Name Birth Date Death Date
McLean, Angus1876January 3, 1946
McLean, Margaret1880before 1891
McLean, AlexanderAugust 4, 1883
McLean, John MalcolmDecember 21, 1885
McLean, DuncanJuly 13, 1888
McLean, Mary MinnieMarch 17, 1890August 25, 1946
McLean, HughJuly 12, 1894