Ramsay, Herbert Erskine

Birth Name Ramsay, Herbert Erskine
Gender male
Age at Death 96 years, 5 days


Child's Full Name Herbert Erskine Ramsay
Birth Date 27 December 1877
Baptismal Date 28 September 1886
Place of Baptism Princetown
Father's Name William G Ramsay
Mother's Name Jane Hamilton Ramsay
Church Name Princetown United
Church Location Malpeque
Record Book Number 1
Record Book Page 44

Groom's Name Herbert E. Ramsay
Groom's Residence Malpeque
Groom's Status Bachelor
Bride's Name Lily A. Cousins
Bride's Residence Burlington
Bride's Status Spinster
Source RG19/s3/ss3: Marriage registers, 1906-1914

He is possibly the Herbert Ramsay described as a life long resident of Malpeque who recently celebrated his 92nd birthday in a newspaper clipping dated around 1970. He well-remembered the latter part of the 19th century when sailing vessels provided an important method of transportation. In 1890 when he was 12 years old he first began sailing on his father's vessel the Seafoam. At that time grain grown in the Malpeque area was loaded on the Seafoam tied up at Keir's Wharf, Malpeque. When loaded the vessel set sail for Bideford or Port Hill where square-rigged ships were being loaded with grain for export to England.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth December 27, 1877 Lot 18, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Death 1974      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ramsay, William GeorgeOctober 10, 1858September 1, 1924
Mother Stewart, Jane Hamilton JanieJuly 9, 1854July 31, 1947
    Brother     Ramsay, Russell Stewart December 8, 1873 November 12, 1935
    Brother     Ramsay, Charles W. August 28, 1875 1975
         Ramsay, Herbert Erskine December 27, 1877 1974
    Sister     Ramsay, Annie Sophia February 15, 1880 September 29, 1959
    Brother     Ramsay, Harry Nelson June 10, 1881 October 2, 1952
    Sister     Ramsay, Maud Lulu April 13, 1887 1960
    Sister     Ramsay, Jane Stewart Jennie April 3, 1884 1979
    Brother     Ramsay, Ralph Linwood August 19, 1891 September 4, 1986
    Sister     Ramsay, Penelope Emma April 20, 1893 May 2, 1979


Family of Ramsay, Herbert Erskine and Cousins, Lillie Ann

Married Wife Cousins, Lillie Ann ( * October 28, 1873 + 1966 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage July 10, 1907 Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Ramsay, Marion CousinsMay 29, 1909December 18, 1909