Abbott, Anna 1 2 3a

Birth Name Abbott, Anna
Gender female
Age at Death about 41 years, 10 months, 7 days


I was unable to find a birth or baptismal record for Anna, who was probably born in Ireland, since her birth was not recorded in New Brunswick or PEI. According to her gravestone she died at age 41, which puts her date of birth at 1814, which would fit with her having children from 1835-1853.

The links with the family of Thomas and Jane are (1) John Crawford Abbott was a witness at her marriage; (2) Jane Crawford Abbott was in the household of Joseph Burchill in 1860 and (3) her husband Joseph Burchill was a witness at an Abbott family marriage.

Anna Abbott and Joseph Burchill, both of the Parish of Newcastle, were married in Northumberland County New Brunswick in St. Paul's Anglican Church on 11 June 1834. There were four children for Joseph Burchill, ship's carpenter and Ann in St. Paul's records: Jane, born August 24 1835; John, in 1838; George on 26 December 1840, and Joseph 28 August 1843. The next children were Catherine Ann, born September 1845 in Buffalo, New York; Andrew in 1847; Robert in 1848; Lucretia in 1851 and Sarah Jane in 1853. Most of the surviving children in this family gave their place of birth as Buffalo, New York, which is understandable since they must have lived there from an early age.

Of Joseph and Anna's children, the children known to survive to adulthood were John, George, Joseph, Robert and Lucretia. Daughter Jane had died in 1838 in New Brunswick. There were no further records found for Catherine, Andrew, or Sarah Jane.

The administration papers for the estate of Joseph Burchill, who had died in 1865, listed the following: his widow Ann (his second wife, also named Ann), sons John (27), George B. (25), Joseph (22), Robert (17) and Lucretia (14). There was also a guardianship record for the two youngest minor children. A biography of daughter Lucretia said that Lucretia was the youngest of 6 children, another indication that the actual youngest child Sarah Jane must have died young.

It looks like Anna and Joseph followed the same route as her sister Jane and husband Andrew Woodside - to New York State, and then to Davenport, Iowa, with some family members going on to Colorado and other western states. Anna died before the 1860 US census, and she is probably the Anna Burchill who died at the age of 41 in Davenport, Iowa.

d. Chatham (Northumberland Co.), 10th inst., Jane BURCHILL d/o Joseph BURCHILL, age 2 years 4 mos.
Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 7 Number 795
Date January 16 1838
County Northumberland
Place Chatham
Newspaper The Gleaner and Northumberland Schediasma



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1814 Ireland probably born in Ireland; died at age 41  
Death November 8, 1855 Davenport, Scott, Iowa Pine Hill Cemetery records; wife of Joseph at age 41  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Abbott, Thomasbefore 1860
Mother Crawford, Jane A.1793August 28, 1885
    Brother     Abbott, John Crawford 1812 June 23, 1888
         Abbott, Anna about 1814 November 8, 1855
    Sister     Abbott, Jane May 28, 1819 February 3, 1907
    Sister     Abbott, Elizabeth 1821 1822
    Brother     Abbott, Thomas about 1823 May 21, 1889
    Sister     Abbott, Elizabeth August 1825 January 7, 1905
    Sister     Abbott, Bellinda December 10, 1827 before 1905
    Brother     Abbott, Hugh May 27, 1831 before 1905


Family of Burchill, Joseph and Abbott, Anna

Married Husband Burchill, Joseph ( * 1805 + June 4, 1865 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage June 11, 1834 Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada northumberland marriages on familysearch  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Burchill, Andrewbefore 1865
Burchill, JaneAugust 24, 18351838
Burchill, JohnDecember 15, 18381891
Burchill, George S.December 26, 18401895
Burchill, JosephAugust 28, 1843before 1913
Burchill, Catherine AnnSeptember 18, 1845before 1865
Burchill, RobertAugust 22, 1848June 6, 1891
Burchill, Lucretia Shelton1851April 23, 1913
Burchill, Sarah JaneSeptember 11, 1853before 1865