Smith, John

Birth Name Smith, John
Gender male
Age at Death 87 years, 7 months, 3 days


John SMITH was born 7 Apr 1801 in Prince Edward Island, and christened 19 Apr 1801 in St. Paul's Church of England. Charlottetown. He was the son of Joseph Smith and his wife Catherine Anderson. However, there was also in the St. Paul's Church of England records a John Alexander Smith, born 1789, to JOHN and Catherine Smith - this man died in 1837 in Lot 49, and seems to be from a different family.

John Smith married Sarah Vincent 26 Feb 1827 in Charlottetown,Prince Edward Island. On the marriage license, John Smith was from Lot 49, and Sarah Vincent was from Malpeque. She was born about 1802 in New London, Prince Edward Island.

According to the PEI Baptismal Index and other sources, John and Sarah had the following children:
Mary Ann Smith b. 9 Mar 1828 in New London, Queens, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Robert Smith b. about 1830 died in Western Road (not in PEI Baptismal Index)
Sarah Maria Smith b. 1 Jan 1831 in Margate, Prince, Prince Edward Island, Canada (lot 20)
Gap- possibly children who died? One of the missing boys from the 1861 census, perhaps
John Smith b. 28 Sep 1838, bap. in Kensington, Prince Edward Island, Canada
William Henry Smith b. 7 Jan 1839 in Prince Edward Island - not in PEI Baptismal Index, perhaps this should be William A. Smith
Catherine Matilda Smith b. 16 Aug 1846 in New London, Queens, Prince Edward Island, Canada - no further record found, assume she died before 1849, when Jane Catherine was born.
Joseph F Smith b. 1847 not in the PEI Baptismal Index
Jane Catherine Smith b. 15 Sep 1849 in New London, Queens, Prince Edward Island, Canada

The family moved from New London to Lot 2. The most likely entry in the 1861 census is the one for John Smith, between the farms of Thomas Simmonds and Harry Simmons. There are 11 in the household, including two married couples. All are Church of England, and all were born on the Island. The male and female over 60 would be John Smith and Sarah Vincent.
There were:
1 male, and 2 females under 5 (grandchildren perhaps? or a mistake?)
2 males between 6-15 (Joseph F & ?)
1 male between 16-21 (William )
2 males and one female between 21-45 (this would most likely be a son (in law?) and daughter (in law?)
They were two years into the lease.
There was possibly a mistake in recording the females in the household.

The administration papers for the estate of Joseph Smith, who died in 1871, said that he was survived by his parents, his widow, three brothers, William, John and Robert of Lot 2, and three sisters, Elizabeth, Maria and Jane. Elizabeth, married to Henry Simmonds, farmer; Maria to Thomas Simmonds, farmer; Jane unmarried.

1881 census: Household Members:
John Smith 82
Sarah Smith 75
James Edward Smith 28 (probably their grandson, James Edward Simmonds, b. 1855)
Sarah Elizabeth Simmonds 20 (probably James' sister, dau. Thomas Simmonds and Sarah Maria Smith, b. 1869)

In the 1891 census, Sarah gave her status as widowed; she died 30 Dec 1891.

Buried: Christ Church Graveyard, Kildare Cape


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth April 7, 1801 Prince Edward Island, Canada baptismal record for John Smith in St. Paul's; age 82 in the 1881 census  
Death November 10, 1888 Western Road, Lot 3, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada Alberton Church of England records, at age 97  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Smith, JosephAugust 11, 17611843
Mother Anderson, CatherineMarch 7, 17621852
    Sister     Smith, Sarah January 22, 1791 July 19, 1868
    Brother     Smith, Robert Clark September 29, 1793 July 7, 1854
    Sister     Smith, Ann October 31, 1798 1870
         Smith, John April 7, 1801 November 10, 1888
    Sister     Smith, Catherine Matilda March 22, 1804
    Brother     Smith, Charles March 19, 1809


Family of Smith, John and Vincent, Sarah

Married Wife Vincent, Sarah ( * 1800 + December 30, 1891 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage February 26, 1827 Prince Edward Island, Canada John Smith (B) of Lot 49 and Sarah Vincent (S) of Malpeque by James Townshend Esq. JP  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Smith, Mary AnneMarch 9, 1828April 19, 1871
Smith, Elizabethabout 1830January 26, 1893
Smith, Sarah MariaOctober 1, 18311879
Smith, RobertJuly 16, 1835February 18, 1917
Smith, JohnSeptember 28, 1838August 28, 1879
Smith, William ArchibaldApril 1842January 16, 1930
Smith, Catherine MatildaAugust 16, 18451849
Smith, Joseph F1847May 10, 1871
Smith, Jane CatherineSeptember 15, 1849December 8, 1905