Campbell, Archibald - Lot 21

Birth Name Campbell, Archibald - Lot 21
Gender male
Age at Death 82 years


from PEI Archives: Archibald Campbell (1779-1861) married Charity Urquhart, daughter of the Revered John Urquhart, aboard a ship enroute to the United States in 1802. They moved back to Irishtown, Prince Edward Island in 1803 and had ten children: William, David, James, John, Mary, Charity, Eliza, Alexander, Caroline, and Archibald.

From the Top of the Hill page 201-204

Archibald Campbell 1779-1861 married Charity Urquhart.
William married Ann Maria Profitt
David married Mary Ann Profitt
James married Isabella Johnstone
John married Elizabeth Doddridge
Mary m. Archibald Ramsay
Charity m. James Brander
Eliza m. Mr. Condley and later Mr. Donald
Alexander d. 1853, age 27
Caroline d. 27
Archibald moved to Miramichi and from there to Australia

Archibald didn't leave a will.






Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1779 Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Death 1861 Prince Edward Island, Canada buried at Geddie  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Campbell, James - Lot 21about 17431800
Mother Townsend, Elizabeth Ann1758September 26, 1829
    Brother     Campbell, Alexander - Lot 21 1778 October 29, 1856
    Brother     Campbell, James Townsend 1790 January 15, 1863
         Campbell, Archibald - Lot 21 1779 1861
    Brother     Campbell, George before 1872
    Sister     Campbell, Caroline before 1872
    Sister     Campbell, Charlotte before 1872
    Sister     Campbell, Sarah about 1787 1872
    Sister     Campbell, Elizabeth 1781 1830


Family of Campbell, Archibald - Lot 21 and Urquhart, Charity

Married Wife Urquhart, Charity ( * about 1782 + December 31, 1871 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1802      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Campbell, Caroline
Campbell, James - Lot 20about 1809December 6, 1883
Campbell, Mary1812July 21, 1871
Campbell, John1816before 1881
Campbell, Archibaldabout 1816
Campbell, David18191902
Campbell, ElizaFebruary 14, 1819
Campbell, CharityJuly 30, 1822
Campbell, WilliamJuly 27, 18241895
Campbell, AlexanderDecember 2, 18261853