Penman, Margaret 1a

Birth Name Penman, Margaret 2a
Gender female
Age at Death less than about 66 years


John Ramsay and Margaret Penman were married on 4 May 1795. Margaret was from Lot 13.

From the Penman family tree on the Island Register:

JANE RAMSAY, Abt. 1805
SARAH ADELINE RAMSAY (dates are off, grand-daughter?)
JOHN RAMSAY, Abt. 1817

There are a few rules of thumb that can be used to check how realistic a list of children is - usually a span of 25 years from first child to last, or first child not before age 15, and not after age 45. There are exceptions. The birth of a sons Donald in 1794 and John in 1817 is a span of 23 years, and assuming Margaret married at about age 20, then she was born about 1774, give or take a few years.

Where was she born? Her grandson said in New England. Her daughter Flora, on the 1891 census, said her father was born in Scotland and her mother on the Island.

Marriage: Public Archives and Records Office of Prince Edward Island, Public Archives and Records Office of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada, 46.23533,-63.12547. R.G. 19 Vital Statistics, Series 3 Marriage Records, Subseries Marriage Licenses Book 1787-1805.

Lucy Maud Montgomery's ancestry can be traced back to two Penman sisters, Nancy and Elizabeth. They were daughters of George Penman, possibly from Scotland and then New England, and were born circa 1769.

Excerpt from her Selected Journals:
"Their son Donald Montgomery, my great-grandfather, was the hero of another romance of those early days. I have used this tale in my book, "The Story Girl." The Nancy and Betty Sherman of the story told there were Nancy and Betsy Penman, daughters of a United Empire Loyalist who came from the States at the close of the war of Independence. George Penman had been a paymaster in the British Army; having forfeited all his property, he was very poor, but the beauty of the Penman girls, especially Nancy, was so great that they had no lack of suitors from far and near. The Donald Fraser of The Story Girl was Donald Montgomery, and Neil Campbell was David Murray, of Bedeque. The only embroidery I permitted myself in the telling of the tale was to give Donald a horse and cutter. In reality, what he had was a half-broken steer, hitched to a rude, old wood-sled, and it was with this romantic equipage that he hied him over to Richmond Bay, PEI to propose to Nancy Penman! "

In 1837, her husband John signed over some of his land to his son George, and son in law Samuel McAusland. On PEI, the wife's approval was required on such land transactions, but Margaret did not sign these documents, a strong indication that she had died before that date.

She is not the Margaret Ramsay who died in 1892, that was a Margaret Ramsay in Lot 18 who lived to be 100 - the location is wrong and that Margaret can be linked to another branch of the Ramsay family.





Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1771   daughter Flora said mother born PEI 2b
Death before 1837 Prince Edward Island, Canada    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Penman, Georgeabout 17351804
    Sister     Penman, Ann Nancy about 1768 August 2, 1837
    Sister     Penman, Elizabeth Betsy 1770 1849
         Penman, Margaret about 1771 before 1837
    Sister     Penman, Jane 1776 July 21, 1852
    Sister     Penman, Christy about 1778 October 18, 1811


Family of Ramsay, John - Lot 13 and Penman, Margaret

Married Husband Ramsay, John - Lot 13 ( * about 1770 + before 1846 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage May 1795 Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Ramsay, Donaldabout 1795June 9, 1882
Ramsay, George1797before 1864
Ramsay, Maryabout 1798September 8, 1891
Ramsay, Davidabout 1803November 19, 1871
Ramsay, Neilabout 1805
Ramsay, Floraabout 1806April 4, 1898
Ramsay, Janeabout 1808about 1838
Ramsay, Margaretabout 1810March 18, 1895
Ramsay, Christiana Christyabout 1811about 1862
Ramsay, Johnabout 1816January 22, 1881

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